Executive Assistant to Dean Safaa Abdelfatah
Executive Assistant

-Business Administration Diploma specialized “Junior Project” from Faculty of Commerce – Ain Shames University – with grad Good – 2001


-Bachelor in Commerce– Al Zakazik University    Graduation Year: June 1999    

Classification : Good

University Groups
1. Designing and implementing office policies. 2. Responsible for office management tasks. 3. Designing filing systems. 4. Organizing meetings, regular committees, prepare agendas and take minutes. 5. Handling filling system of my direct manager 6. Preparing hotel agreements. 7. Organizing meetings for senior managers. 8. Preparing meetings agendas, presentations and taking minutes. 9. Preparing confidential correspondence and reports. 10. Arranging detailed travel plans. 11. Preparing presentations for management meetings. 12. Managing the daily calendar of the dean and coordinate his appointments. 13. Participating in handling suspended matters with students. 14. Supervising office staff. 15. Assigning and monitoring and secretarial functions. 16. Ability to maintain a high level of accuracy in preparing and entering information. 17. Organizing conferences. 18. Received calls, incoming mail and channeling it internally. 19. Participated in handling suspended matters with students. 20. Working on the HRM system for all Faculty staff. 21. Controlling the petty cash for the Dean’s office allowance. 22. Petty Cash data entry and scheduling reports for the finance dept. 23. Participated in handling suspended matters for Students.