Assoc. Prof. Richard Gauvain
Module Leader
Office 121 - Building G

Originally from the UK, Dr. Gauvain has lived and worked in the Middle East (Egypt and the UAE) for nearly twenty years. His academic background is varied; and he has taught courses in the fields of political science, sociology, cultural studies, anthropology, and comparative religion. He has published books and articles relating to Islamic reform movements (specifically Salafi organisations and the Muslim Brotherhood), but also, more generally, on religious ritual, gender and social media. 

In addition to working at a number of American universities in the region, he has been a research fellow at the universities of Heidelberg and Durham.  His current research interests focus on the workings of Egyptian Anglicanism, past and present. 


Ph.D. in Theology and Religious Studies, University of Glasgow, 2002.

CELTA certificate,1998.

M.Th. Masters in Theology, with distinction (Biblical Studies), University of Glasgow, 1997.

B.D. Bachelor of Divinity, New Testament Studies, University of Glasgow, 1995.


Research Interests
  • Modern Religio-Political Reform Movements
  • Political Islam
  • Post-Colonial Representations of Britain in the Middle East
  • Social Media & Politics
Journal Articles

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Chapters in Books

Books and Translations:

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Book Chapters:

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Teaching and Learning Officer (2019-2020)