Assistant Lecturer (Part-Time) Gaber Mohamed
Law Building office No:7

Gaber is the Assistant Lecturer on the “Islamic Law; Inheritance, Bequests and Awqaf” module
at the Faculty of Law, the British University in Egypt. He also serves as a researcher in Islamic
and religious studies at Al-Azhar Al-Shareef.


January 2018: an independent Research Program: Reforming the Death Penalty in the
Egyptian Legal System; an Islamic Law Perspective. Maurer School of Law, Indiana University
in Bloomington, US.
May 2017: LLM in Commercial and Business Law, Maurer school of Law, Indiana University
in Bloomington, US.
August 2016: Intensive Academic English Program, Syracuse University, New York.
May 2013: Bachelor in Shariea and Law, Faculty of Shariea and Law, Al Azhar University in