Ms. Doha Ali Ibrahim Nasr
Faculty Administrator
202 Building G

B.A. in Economics, Faculty of Economics & Political Science, English Section, Cairo University.

Courses & Trainings

Coursera Certificate: Leadership Development: Inspiring and Motivating Individuals.

Coursera Certificate: Project Management: Initiating and Planning Projects.

Coursera Certificate: Business English: Meetings.

Coursera Certificate: Business English: Planning & Negotiating and Making Presentation.

CPD Certificate: Critical thinking & problem solving, Professionalism in the workplace, Coping with change in the workplace & Stress management.

DAAD Certificate: Self Marketing and Proposal Writing for Master and PhD - Social Sciences workshop.

CPD Certificate: Negotiation Skills, Conflict Management and Emotional Intelligence at Work.

CPD Certificate: Effective Communication Skills, Dealing with Difficult Situations, Working in a Team, Time Management

University Groups
Supervision of the day-to-day activities of Departmental Administration and Oversee the work of the Administrative Assistance Staff, and liaising effectively; Ensure that administrative procedures comply with University’s policies and procedures, and implement the strategic intent of the Faculty of BAEPS; Maintain effective and secure storage and retrieval for examination materials and question papers; Responsible for all correspondence and reports required by external bodies such as the Supreme Council and NAQAAE, and represent the Faculty on relevant committees; Assist in determining Staff development needs and designing Staff development programe for Academic and Administrative staff; Member in support team for Preparatory year students, Staff Development, Community Service and Quality Assurance; Undertake any other responsibilities as directed by the Faculty’s Dean, Vice Deans, Heads of Departments, and Departmental related administrative issues