Assistant Lecturer Abdulrahman Mohamed
Assistant Lecturer
106 Building A
  • Teaching Assistant at Faculty of Petroleum Engineering Department at the British university in Egypt.
  • Representative of my class for Year 3 & 4 PEGT during (2014-2015, 2015-2016)
  • Member in Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) BUE.
  • Summer Intern, at Qarun Petroleum Company- Qarun Base- Drilling and Production Department.
  • Summer Intern, at Agiba Petroleum Company -Meliha Field- Drilling Engineering Department-Korwatia Rig.
  • Summer Intern, at Schlumberger at Software integrated Solution Segments (SIS)- Reservoir Engineering, Reservoir Simulation, Production Engineering and Artificial lift System
  • Master’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering and Advanced Production Technology from Cairo University. (Oct 2016- Present).
  • Bachelor's degree in the Petroleum Engineering & Gas Technology department (PEGT), Faculty of Engineering at London South Bank & The British University in Egypt (BUE)
  • Program Class of 2016 with General Grade of First Class with Classification of Distinction with Honors A+(Excellent) (93 %) (GPA 4/4).
  • Research Project Topic: Advanced Technique for Anti-collision Planning Optimization in Directional Wells.
  • Design Project: Production optimization using Electrical Submersible Pump.
  • Dean’s List of Excellent Academic Performance (2013 /2014/2015/2016)
  • Research Project Award from MTC (Military Technical College).
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