Dr. Deena Mohamed El-Mahdy
305 Building A

Deena is a lecturer in architectural engineering department at the British University in Egypt. She was graduated from Cairo University in 2010 where she obtained to get her Masters in 2013 and her PhD in 2018 as well. During the last eight years, she had joined several international and national competitions, conferences and workshops related to additive manufacturing, material responsive, cultural heritage and conservation. During this period, Deena won several awards such as; a Silver Award in February 2014, in the competition of EFEC "Egypt Design + Industry 2014", with fabricating a real scale bench, First prize of Tatweer Misr in architecture and design challenge in 2018 and some awards in Photography. Deena’s mission is trying to integrate new techniques as additive manufacturing through using local materials to reach a sustainable community.


-2010, (B.Sc.) Bachelors of Science in Architectural Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University.
-2013, October, (M.Sc.), Master of Science in Architectural Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Architectural Studies Department, Thesis Title "Virtual Reality "As a Display Tool" in Architecture of Museums".
-2018, Ph.D. , in Architectural Engineering, Cairo University.

Research Interests

Deena’s main fields of interest are; additive manufacturing and fabrication techniques, parametric design and virtual reality technology. Her Ph.D. contained multidisciplinary approach due to materials testing through using additive manufacturing process.

Journal Articles

Marwa Dabaieh, Deena El Mahdy, Dalya Maguid, Living Labs As A Pedagogical Teaching Tool For Green Building Design And Construction In Hot Arid Regions, Archnet-IJAR, Vol. 12, No. 1, 2018. (338-355).

Marwa Dabaieh, Deena El Mahdy, Dalya Maguid, Thinking hands: A hands-on, pedagogical living lab approach to green building methods in hot arid regions, PLEA Edinburgh, 2017.

Deena El-Mahdy, Hisham Gabr, 'Behavior of Natural Organisms as a Mimicking Tool in Architecture', International Journal of Design & Nature and Ecodynamics, Vol. 12, No. 2, (2017), (214-224). Paper format (ISSN: 1755-7437) and online (ISSN: 1755-7445).