Assistant Lecturer. Ahmed Torky

After graduation, engineer Torky joined the Civil Engineering Department at the British University in Egypt as a demonstrator. Since then, he has been assisting in teaching various Civil Engineering Modules for new graduates with enthusiasm. He is now an Assistant Lecturer and the TA representative to the department and the faculty.


Engineer Torky obtained his BSc. in Civil Engineering from The British University in Egypt and his MSc in Structural Engineering from Cairo University. He has joined several workshops on programming in Structural Engineering.

Research Interests

He is interested in Boundary element methods, Finite element methods, Dynamic analysis of high-rise building, Post-tensioning concrete analysis and design, Machine Learning, and GPU computing. He has a good background in surveying applications too, including GNSS and Geodetic surveying. He supports the development of new techniques in programming and computing in the research group. He is currently responsible for the development of the tall building analysis package (TBPAK) in corporation with Revit. Research interests include: Tall Buildings, Boundary Element Method, Machine Learning, Computational Mechanics, Topology Optimization, and Parallel Computing. He is well acquainted with programming languages such as Python, Fortran, C, C#, and Visual Basic.

Journal Articles
  • "GPU acceleration of the boundary element method for shear-deformable bending of plates", Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements (Vol. 74) Jan (2017) 
  • "A Deep Learning Approach to Automated Structural Engineering of Prestressed Members", International Journal of Structural and Civil Engineering (Accepted) (2018) 
  • A BSc thesis titled: "GPU acceleration of shear-deformable slabs using the boundary element method" (2010)
  • A MSc thesis titled: "Further analysis and design of post-tensioned slabs using the boundary element method" (2015)
Conference Papers
  • "Accelerated Stiffness Analysis of Structural Floors using the Boundary Element Method for Lateral Assessment of Building." GPU Technology Conference (2017), USA.
  • "GPU Accelerated Practical Structural Analysis Using the Boundary Element Method." GPU Technology Conference (2016), USA.