Prof. Iman El-Mahallawi
004 Building A

Dr El-Mahallawi is currently the Director of the Centre for Renewable Energy at the British University in Egypt which is contributing to the teaching and education and research activities in Egypt, energy efficiency in metallic industries, as well as being incorporated in social projects aiming at implementing renewable energy resources for subserviced and ruler areas in Egypt. She has also contributed in a number of field projects in production by rolling and casting, thermo-mechanical treatment, failure analysis, manufacturing of spare parts, as well as continuous industrial education projects for engineers and workers. She is also the coordinator for one of the National Standardization committees.

Dr El-Mahallawi was awarded the following:

• Full scholarship at Leeds University between Jan 1984 and Jan 1987 for PhD.
• Publications Award Cairo university years: 2010, 2011, 2012,2013, 2014.
• Award for best submission for innovation in teaching by Unit of Teaching and Learning Projects; Ministry of Higher education Egypt.
• Best supervised PhD for student Mahmoud Abd El-Salam Cairo University 2014.
• Cairo University Research Excellence Award 2014.


Dr El-Mahallawi received her PhD from Department of Metallurgy, Leeds University, Leeds U.K. in 1987. She received her M.Sc from the Department of Metallurgy, Cairo University in 1983 and her B.Sc in Metallurgical Engineering, Cairo University in 1981.

Dr El-Mahallawi carries the titles: CEng and CSci and is a member of the Institute of Metals, Materials and Mining (MIMMM).

Research Interests

Dr El-Mahallawi’s research interests are in: energy materials (thermal solar selective absorbers, fuel cells bi-polar electrodes, thermal storage,etc.), engineering metallurgy (heat treatment, effect of production parameters, effect of alloying, etc.. on mechanical properties, failure analysis case studies, non-metallic inclusions and effect of steel cleanliness on properties of steel), modeling for metallurgical fields, conventional casting and continuous casting (technology, solidification), semi-solid casting and metal matrix composites produced by semi-solid casting, using nano-material for re-enforcement (surface and bulk nano-composites) .

Journal Articles

Dr El-Mahallawi has supervised more than 100 B.Sc. projects, 40 M. Sc. and 15 Ph.D. thesis in different fields of the above shown research intersts, etc..., and has examined more than 80 students for master and doctorate degrees in different Egyptian universities. Her Research publications are 37 papers published in International Journals and 29 papers and presentations in international conferences and 27 publications and presentations in local conferences and workshops.

Most recent:

L. Tonelli, M. Refat, S. Toschi, M.M.Z. Ahmed, Essam Ahmed, A. Morri, I. El-Mahallawi, and L. Ceschini. “Production of AlSi12CuNiMg/ Al2O3 Micro/Nanodispersed Surface Composites Using Friction Stir Processing for Automotive Applications”. TMS 2019 March 10-14, San Antonio, Texas.

Hussein Badr, Mahmoud Sorour, Shadi Foad Saber, Iman S. El-Mahallawi, Fawzi A. Elrefaie. “DOC Stabilized PVAc / MWCNTs Composites for Higher Thermoelectric Performance”. TMS 2019 March 10-14, San Antonio, Texas.

Hanan Abd El-Fattah, Iman El Mahallawi, Mostafa Shazly, and Waleed Khalifa. “Comparison of Solar Selective Absorbance Properties of TiN, TiNxOy and TiO2 Thin Films”. TMS 2019 March 10-14, San Antonio, Texas.

M.M. Elkoumy, M. El-Anwar, A.M. Fathy, G.M. Megahed, I. El-Mahallawi, H. Ahmed. Computational Simulation Model for Metallurgical Effects during EAF Refining Stage: Waiting and Arcing Time, (2018), No. 9 1669 © 2018 ISIJ. ISIJ International, Vol. 58 (2018), No. 9, pp. 1669–1678.

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Dissertations Supervised

Developing and integrating optimized renewable energy systems for urban housing in Egypt: (Solar Power Supply to Municipal Units in Sydna Al-Khidr and Saydna Mousa - Al Fayoum ; joint projects between British University in Egypt, and Misr Elkheir, 2012-2013).

Research Collaboration

Aug 2010-2012 2 year DAAD/STDF funded research project on: Manufacturing and Characterisation of Nano- dispersed Al and Mg Alloys for High Strength, Low weight, and Energy saving Applications, the German partner being Prof. J. Mayer GFE.

Jan 2015- Jan 2016 STDF proposal: Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor deposition for a-Si /μc-Si Thin-Film Solar Cell