Prof. Nabil El Tayeb
Director of Quality Assurance Unit
211 Building A

Previously, he worked as a Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor at Faculty of Engineering (Helwan University-HU-Cairo,), Technical Military collage, MTC (Defense Ministry- Cairo), Automobile High Industrial Institute Wadi Hoef (Ministry of higher education-MHE-Cairo), Industrial Education collage in Bani-Suif (Ministry of higher education-MHE-Egypt), Mechanical Engineering department (Leeds University-UK), and Faculty of Engineering & Technology (Multimedia University – FET, MMU, Melaka, Malaysia), Mechanical Engineering Department, (Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya-UM Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia).

Currently, he is a full professor at The British University in Egypt (BUE) since 2010.

v His current research interests lie in the Mechanical and Tribology of Materials (Tribological characterizations of polymers and their composites including synthetic and natural fibres), Tribological Systems, Design, Cryogenic Tribology, Innovative Mechanical Treatment of non-ferrous and polymeric materials, Diagnosis of surfaces deterioration, Machinability of polymeric composite materials, and Applications of Statistic and Artificial intelligent approaches in experimental oriented researches for Tribo-systems.

v Professor El-Tayeb has over 90 Research Publications in the International journals of: Wear, Tribology International, Proc. IMechE Part J: J. Engineering Tribology, Materials Processing Technology, Materials & Design, Tribology online, Tribology Letter, International Polymer Processing, Tribology Transaction, Applied Composite Materials, Lubrication Science, Machining Science and Technology, Applied sciences, American Journal of Applied Sciences, Surface Review and Letters.

v Besides, more than 10 Technical and Industrial Reports, and over 25 International conference papers at 14th Int. Colloquium Tribology, Tribology & Lubrication Eng. Stuttgart/ Ostfildern, Germany 2004, ASME World Tribology Congress III- Washington USA, 2005, Recent Advances in Mechanical & Materials Engineering (ICRAMME 2005)KL, Malaysia, 2005, 8th Biennial ASME Conference on Engineering systems Design and Analysis-Torino Italy-2006, ICOMAST, Melaka-Malaysia, 2006, ASME International, Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition Orlando Florid-USA 2007, Manufacturing & Electronic Technology- Johor Malaysia 2006, Engineering & ICT (ICEI 2007), Melaka-Malaysia), 8th International Conference on Production Engineering and Design for Development (PEDD8, 2010),

v In addition to the above publications, there are more than 50 other National and International publications (before 2000) at Conferences and Bulletins: 17th AMME 1997 Conference (Third International) on Applied Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering, Military Technical College, 26th Leeds-Lyon Symposium on Tribology, Leeds University, 14th-17th September 1999. Engineering Research Bulletin, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Helwan University, Mataria, Cairo, Egypt, Scientific Bulletin, Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, Egyptian Society of Tribology, EGTRIB’89/91, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt1989, 4th International Conference on Production Engineering and Design for Development (PEDD4 1993, 1997, 2010), Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt, The 10th International Colloquium Tribology, Stuttgart / Ostfldern, Germany, January 9-11, 1996

Development of Research Themes:

· Natural fibers reinforced polymers: On the development and evaluation of new polymeric composite materials reinforced with natural fibers for Tribological applications, fabrication and characterization of Sugarcane, Coconut, Rice husk, Bamboo, Oil palm (continuous and chopped) fibers reinforced polymers (epoxy and polyester),

· Brake/pads: On friction induced vibration in lining braking system, Dry and wet sliding performance of commercial and non-commercial brake pad/lining materials)

· Polymer: On the behavior of running-in time, interface temperature, and transfer film of sliding polymeric materials, (on the study of running-in time and friction induced temperature in sliding contact between flat /circular composite materials), Dynamic characteristics of polymeric material flat/circular contacts under normal forces, Determination of contact temperature during sliding surfaces

· Elastomer (Rubber): Friction behavior and wear mechanisms of elastomer (rubber) Materials, On the fracture topography of modified elastomers and the measured mechanical properties.

· Cryogenic and Tribo-Machining Processes: Cryogenic friction behavior and wear mechanisms of modified titanium alloys, and polymeric composite Materials,

· Burnishing Process: Tribological characteristics of cylindrical contacts of burnished surfaces (or the formation of wear debris in burnished surfaces, a comparative study with polished surfaces). On using burnishing process to improve the characteristics of polymeric surfaces.

· Hydrodynamics: Surface roughness effects on thermo-hydrodynamic lubrication of journal bearings, Effect of roughness, porosity, and aerated oil on load carrying capacity of plain (tilted-pad) bearings (par-I), load carrying capacity of journal bearings (part-II), On the study of Hydrodynamic performance of thrust pad bearings.

· Modeling and prediction of material properties: implementation of RSM methodology to predict material properties and describe their behaviour,

· Utilizing ANN approach: to estimate the characteristics and behaviour of composite materials

Teaching and supervision activities
Professor Nabil El-Tayeb has been involved in teaching several modules of undergraduate and postgraduate (more than 22 modules) including Engineering Tribology, Engineering Design I&II, Applied Statics, Design of Machine Elements, Machine Design, Strength of Materials, Engineering Graphics I&II, Engineering and Mechanical Drawing, Engineering Materials and their Properties, Composite Materials, Mechanics of Materials, Engineering Metrology, Structural and Stress Analysis. Mechanical Vibrations, Manufacturing Technology, Computer (Auto CAD, and Microsoft office ...), FYPs: Design and Tribology, v Professor El-Tayeb has been supervised undergraduate students (more than 92 FYPs and 24 ITPs) and postgraduate students (5-PhD and 8-MSc students). Curriculum Development. v At FET-MMU, I developed and modified the curriculum for several engineering modules, including: Engineering Design 1&2, Engineering Graphics 1&2, Engineering Tribology, and Fluid power, v Also I have been deeply involved in the exercise of out-come base syllabus and syllabi re-look for mechanical program for LAN, FET-MMU. At FE-HU, I have shared in preparing and developing the syllabi for many engineering subjects such as: Tribology, Design of Machine Elements, Machine Design, Engineering drawing, Mechanical drawing, Strength of materials, and properties of materials. Teaching Ability & Academic Evaluation


Professor Nabil El-Tayeb gained his PhD from Leeds University in Leeds, UK (1986), attended his MSc at Aston University in Birmingham, UK (1982), and received his first degree “BSc” distinction with honor from Helwan University-Cairo (1977).

Research Interests

Mechanical and Tribology of Materials (Tribological characterizations of polymers and their composites including synthetic, natural fibres and hybrid), Tribological Design, Cryogenic Tribology, Mechanical treatment of non-ferrous and polymeric materials, Degradation of materials and Diagnosis of surfaces deterioration, Machinability of polymeric composite materials, and Applications of Statistic and Artificial intelligent approaches in experimental oriented researches for Tribo-systems.