Assistant Lecturer Yomna Lotfi

Architect Yomna joined the British University in Egypt as an assistant lecturer in October 2015.  she had started her academic career as a part-time teaching assistant in AAST and pursued her master studies since 2008, Her M.Sc. thesis was entitled “Vertical Greening as a Strategy for Urban Sustainable Development in Cairo: Perceptions and Aesthetic Preferences of Architects and Residents”. She is now perusing her PHD degree in Cairo University. Besides her academic career, she worked as an interior designer for 2 years in “Verinno design office”, then preferred working as a freelancer architect and interior designer, this helped her to gain more experience in the working field, and be able to design several residential and commercial projects.


B.Sc. and M.Sc. from Arab Academy for Science and Technology (AAST) in 2007 and 2014 respectively

  • Fields of Interest:

    Sustainability of Urban Developments and Built Environment, Urban Design, Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture, Theories of Design, Interaction of Built Environments and Ecological Systems, Design and Analysis of Public Spaces. Vertical Landscape and Healing Landscape Design.

  • Modules:

    ·       Dissertation 
    ·       GIS
    ·       Urban Design
    ·       Architectural Design and Sustainability 
    ·       Building construction
    ·       History of Islamic Architecture·       EIA