Demonstrator Noha Shaheen

Architect Noha have been working as a teaching assistant at The British University in Egypt since academic year 2016/2017. Her graduation project was an Ayureveda meditation resort and the bachelor thesis topic was entitled: Environmental ethics as an approach to enhance architecture design firms competitiveness through delivering sustainable designs in developing countries. She is currently pursuing her Studying M.Sc. in Sustainable engineering design and construction from the British university in Egypt. Since her graduation she have joined many workshops, summer schools and competitions in urban planning, building with sustainable materials, climate resilience and adaptation strategies. Also, she published two papers in peer review conferences.

  • Fields of Interest: o Environmental management
    o Climate change and risk mitigation
    o Heritage conservation
    o Environmental ethics
    o Participatory design techniques
  • Projects Supervised: o Public space design, El khalifa context, Megawara, Egypt
    o Cairo climathon: Waste management initiatives
    o COSIMENA summer school: Modelling Climate Change from a Multidisciplinary Perspective: How can we achieve climate resilience, sustainable mobility, and tourism in the MENA region? , Alexandria, Egypt
    o Ezbet project: Participatory needs assessment workshop, Stuttgart, Germany
    o Siwi Ajbun initiative project :A design and build workshop about constructing a housing prototype along with the local community in Siwa oasis

    o Smart heritage project :Introduction to heritage building information modelling and Smart Heritage Building Performance Measurements for Sustainability
    o Habiba community Eco lodge workshop :Building community centre using Ramped earth and local materials in Nuweiba, South Sinai

  • Modules: o Graduation project
    o Dissertation
    o Urban design
    o Advanced construction
    o Visual design
    o Architecture drawings
    o Interior design
  • Responsibilities: o Student training
    o Social activities