Because you want to ...

• change the world with revolutionary technology
• improve people's lives around the world
• solve the planet's energy needs!

Alternatively ...

May be you're just looking for:

• a degree programme that is industrially relevant
• a programme with scholarships to help with the finances
• a well-paid and rewarding job when you graduate

Whether you want to work for industry in electronic devices, in communications, in giant corporations like Intel, or Google, a startup in mobile companies, or build your own company from the ground up, the BUE Electrical and communications Engineering programmes offers a class-student-centered learning experience on the cutting edge of research, design, and development of software and systems that power the world today – and for tomorrow.

The BUE Programme of Electrical Engineering

Technological advances in Communications and Computers sciences have allowed highly sophisticated devices to become commonplace. Wired and wireless communications, digital communications, integrated electronics, microwave systems, healthcare systems, cellular phones, internet‐based information technology, and control systems have fundamentally transformed all aspects of human daily life. Mobile phones, portable computers, complete telephone networks, internet, and CD players are found everywhere. Major challenges include the development of terabit optical and gigabit wireless communications. Few people understand how these devices work, are in a position to improve them or develop completely new technologies. By joining the EE (Communications) programme you will be one of the few who can.

The innovative programme in EE (Communications) Engineering allows you to achieve your educational objectives rapidly, confident that the information you are mastering is up to date and relevant to the realities of the world today. It offers you a wide range of scholarships, summer placements, industrial seminars and exclusive employment opportunities.


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