-To promote the center as a leader research entity in Egypt and MENA region, focusing on global issues as well as the Egyptian market needs, by serving its community, region and environment.


-To promote and facilitate leading edge research, including collaborative and interdisciplinary research using the excessive capital knowledge of BUE’ lecturers as well as the TA’s and the students.

-To encourage and support research funds activities by contacting several industries on the national level to present sponsorship for the outstanding researchers, and to develop partnerships for this purpose.

-the center is to offer increased opportunities for exchange on joint research projects and programs.

-To advance knowledge in innovation-governance and green economy as part of the national goal for developing organizations and the economy in general.

Benefits of the Center ( C.I.G.G.E)

-Increased research visibility for the BUE and the faculty.

-Creation of a research environment in the faculty.

-Enhanced promotion opportunities for the academic staff.

-Enhanced learning opportunities for the students of the faculty.

-Increased opportunities for collaboration for exchanges on joint research projects.

-An active member of the community service committee headed by the faculty of Business administration, Economics and Political Science.