BUE promotes cinema industry in Egypt

By Hyde Park

Faculty of Communication and Mass Media at the British University in Egypt will orchestrate a conference to bolster cinema industry in Egypt, to be kicked off on June 8, at Sofitel el-Gezirah hotel.

The conference will be attended by a cluster of Egyptian movie stars like Ilham Chahine and Laila Elwi and filmmakers.

The conference dubbed "Towards a National Strategy to Develop Egyptian Cinema Industry", and it will be composed of six sessions through which the attendees will try to reach creative and sustainable solutions to meet the challenges currently faced by Egyptian cinema like production problems, challenges of Egyptian film circulation and screening, and freedom of expression and creativity, in addition to assessing previous initiatives.

The conference will be concluded with recommendations for the advancement of Egyptian cinema.

Time and venue: Sofitel el-Gezirah hotel, 10 a.m.