General Information

This document provides information and procedures in relation to travel arrangements for BUE staff, according to the BUE regulations and the terms and conditions of the employee's contracts.

It includes different types of "Travel Form" that must be completed and submitted when travel arrangements are requested.

For information and procedures about the travel allowances, for Business Trips; please contact the Finance Office.

After submitting the travel form to, the provisional bookings will be sent to the passenger for re-confirmation.

Any changes or cancellations after receiving the passenger's re-confirmation, could incur a charge according to the corporate travel agent's regulations and the airline policies.

"No show" and "Refund" procedures will be subject to the travel agent(s) and the airline(s) policies. However staff are expected to pay any charges that may be applied.

It is the employee's/traveller's responsibility to apply for visas and/or register for conferences.

Reimbursement of air fare

The employee can make his/her travel arrangements direct and request reimbursement of the cost from the BUE.

BUE reimburses the cost of a flight ticket according to the sealing rules.

In Business Trips; BUE reimburses the cost of the accommodation and transportation according to the travel allowances rules.

The processing of reimbursement occurs following the receipt of claims and associated

paperwork at the BUE Finance Office.

Please contact the Finance Office for more information.

Important notes

Please note that it is the employee's responsibility to apply for his/her visa and to contact the relevant embassies.

Please note that it is the employee's responsibility to register for his/her conference.

The HR Office must sent a notification to in case of termination of a staff member's contract.

For any exceptional cases: the President's approval is a must.


To arrange your trip, please choose one of the following forms, complete and submit.