Terms of Reference

The main responsibilities and activities of the IPDU are summarized as follows:

  • Develop, maintain and monitor a planning cycle throughout the BUE;
  • Conduct surveys to gather necessary data to support new proposals with regard to new programmes, future expansions and enrollment planning;
  • Undertake policy research, data analysis and institutional research project oversight for the University;
  • Provide management information to support strategic planning, performance monitoring/management and strategic projects;
  • Propose institutional performance indicators to be employed in evaluating the BUE's performance on an annual basis;
  • Lead the preparation of student numbers forecasts and planning models;
  • Provide management information to decision makers on both a regular and ad-hoc basis;
  • Explore, propose and consult on potential validation partners and relevant agreements;
  • Integrate data from a wide range of internal and external sources on University performance relating to education and research;
  • Publish data and reports which are also available on-line through a dedicated webpage;
  • Provide data and reports to top management and all relevant committees, especially Executive Group, Senate and University Board;
  • Reports to the President and the Executive Group.