My Name is Amr Abulnaga, I'm a graduate of the british university in egypt and I currently work at Silatech a Microsoft Partner coordinated by Microsoft Corporate Social Responsibilty Department as a Regional Technical Lead for one of the biggest Employability portals across the Middle East and Africa Region aka Ta3mal.

During my University I was more concerned on how to learn new Technologies and how to implement them with my studies which really helped me to go deep in cloud computing and how to develop solutions to help consumers using this technology.

I had a mission before I graduated which was to create a Source of knowledge transfer and it was one of the best things I did in my life learning and teaching others in an interactive way through Microsoft Technology Club in the BUE which empowers others in different Microsoft technologies and help them providing the tools and support needed.

After graduation I joined Microsoft Corporate Social Responsibility Department as technical lead for all the projects for 1 year which enhanced my Business analysis skills and improved my skills by giving me the oppurtunity to work with people from different countries on multiple Regional projects as well launch and support those projects.

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As an Iraqi citizen, my story began since I was very young.

Having left the country when I was still 3 years old had a great impact on my life; I mean, who wouldn't be sad to depart their home or leave their relatives behind at such an early age.

I moved to Yemen, a foreign country which I knew nothing about, not the culture, not the geography, not even the dialect which I had so much trouble to adapt to. During those 9 years I had some problems to adapt, but with my parents' and kind-hearted people's support I could adapt in less than two years; working my way up till I became the best student in class –El7amdulellah- I've stayed like that throughout the 9 years I spent there. What pushed me the most was the encouragement I received from my parents, the principal and the owner of the school I was in, as when we were about to move to another city, he met with my parents and asked them if we could stay if not absolutely necessary which made me more determined to work even harder; and I did.

That chapter ended and yet another chapter began when I moved to Egypt back in 2003 when I had my vision set on a certain goal. By the time I took a careful look around me, I realized that I wanted to do something that makes a difference! I want to make the world a better place; the question of "How?" was yet to be answered.

After finishing my secondary education I had to choose which faculty I am going to join and that's when my eyes were set on computer science. I mean, what better way is there to change the world than through technology? Wasn't that already proven since the early 2000s when technology started advancing and everything became more and more computerized?

During the first two years I used to develop applications from scratch even in my own free time just as a practice. Which made the practical parts a whole lot easier than they used to be; after all, practice makes perfect, right?

After the first two years, it became clearer and clearer to me that I wanted to join the core specialization of computer science; there was that something that fascinates me about the complexity of what computer scientists do, how they create solutions from scratch to make other people's lives much easier than it used to.

So, I joined the specialization and passing it was no easy task (keep that in mind) as you have to work each day harder than the day before to reach your goal; then I decided to join the Microsoft Student Partners program in which I had to self-learn in order to share my knowledge to other students in universities across the country. That was the perfect opportunity to push me forward in learning aspects and to bypass my fears (stage fright) by conducting sessions in front of 150+ audiences.

After finishing my senior year and finalizing my graduation project on which I worked very hard under the supervision of Dr. Abeer Hamdy who helped me a lot throughout my four years at the university I was oddly lost; as a foreigner it's hard to find a company that will hire you and provide a work permit while you're still a fresh graduate, but that did not stop me (after a while)

lost felt strange, till I went to the university to receive my Bachelor's degree from Loughborough; that was when I bumped into an old Dr. who had taught me before and asked me if I wanted to join the Web development team which I agreed to. After multiple interviews I was accepted and admitted to spend my first 9 months as an employee which I enjoyed very much; especially that we had developed a whole new website for the university.

When those 9 months were over I was supposed to travel to my home country to receive a callback and issued the work permit which was not accepted because the job description required no experience, so why bring a foreigner when an Egyptian can occupy such a position? (such a bummer)

I had to wait for the perfect opportunity when a friend of mine had anonymously applied my CV to Microsoft's CSR department (corporate social responsibility). That's where my dream came closer!

When I received the call I was very excited and arranged the interview as soon as I could; I was surprisingly un-stressed during my interview which I passed. I was literally jumping up and down when I received the news that I was accepted.

After all the hard work, the prayers, my parents' support and my brother's comments which annoyed and pushed me forward (peace be upon his soul) I was finally in a place where I can say I'm making a difference.

Today I am the technical lead of the citizenship department in Microsoft Egypt; this is where I can help NGOs and provide them with sustainable solutions free of charge to help and make a change in the community, to provide trainings/exams and even to provide jobs! Today, I can say I'm satisfied with what I am doing.

So, what is your dream? What are your priorities? What is the thing you want to do the most?! None of those questions' answers have to be specific, even a general answer such as "I want to make a change" will suffice and your actions will drive you to that goal!

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My name is Malak El Masry and I was scribbling on walls since I was a child! So it was no surprise to my family that I ended up becoming an artist and creative thinker. I graduated University in 2010 from the British University in Egypt with a Business Administration degree focused on Marketing. I had a crazy career of ups and downs but full of adventure, between teaching, marketing and project/program management. I started working as a librarian in Modern English School Cairo and then I moved to the British University in Egypt and worked in the Marketing Department for 2 years.

After a fun learning experience at the BUE, I went on to an extremely cool job that allowed me to be both creative and use my skills working with students. At Google I was a Community Outreach Coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa, working with students all across the region on the Google Student Ambassador Program for 2 years. After a enthralling experience being with Google, it was time to let go. I started working with Ahead of the Curve as a project manager on the Mobile Application Launchpad program, which is a program by Google and the Egyptian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, focused on training 2000 developers in Egypt.

With all my crazy career turns one thing has been steady all along, my startup "Fantasiam" which I started in 2010 and have been actively working on ever since. Fantasiam is all about giving your walls character, by having them painted. We also offer other services like making customized paintings for your homes. I am on a roller coaster that keeps taking me to the best places and giving me the best opportunities and I can say that I am learning a lot, and believing in my dreams has made me achieve a lot. So I never stop dreaming and I always like to reach for the stars.

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Ramiz Mohy is the former Vice President of the BUE Student Union, the Co-Founder of EASE for Training & Education and most importantly our Honorable BUE Business Graduate. He has joined the BUE in 2009 from Al Farouk Islamic School with a consistently successful record. Also upon joining our university he was a member of the Egyptian National Taekwondo Team after being Egypt’s National Champion several times. He represented Egypt internationally and concluded his Taekwondo career by winning the Gold medal in the Manchester international open championship.

As for his college years, Ramiz graduated with an “Honors with Distinction” degree in Business Administration in 2013 with a thesis paper tackling Emotional Intelligence and Entrepreneurship and he was considered one of the top students ranked 2nd on his class. While at University, he was actively involved in student activities, particularly AIESEC Egypt, a global, not-for-profit organization run by university students and recent graduates.  It is intended to help young people find their leadership potential for the benefit of society.  From 2011 – 2013 he held senior appointments in AIESEC Egypt, and had international roles with AIESEC in Croatia, France and Mauritius.

In his final year at the BUE, he ran for the SU elections and was successfully elected as the Vice President of the University’s Student Union, which he found a great experience, being involved in the governance of his university. He considers his SU term as one of the most fruitful experiences in his University years and an opportunity that allowed him to give back to the BUE. Alongside with his high-board and SU team, they have created a strong SU that delivered their promise of providing a better student experience for all the BUE students and was considered one of the best Student unions in the BUE history.

Over the summer of 2012, he went to the south of the continent and visited the island of Mauritius with AIESEC to provide training for young people discovering his passion for knowledge, education and training. In December 2012, while still a student, he established EASE for Training & Education alongside his friends. EASE is a social enterprise that offers free training to help develop individuals and improve their lives and it’s still operating till present.

Ramiz has delivered soft skills sessions to students in many universities including Cairo University, AUC, GUC, CIC and BUE. The sessions were targeting many student activities such as MUN (Model of United Nations), ISLC (International Student Leadership Program), MOIC (Model of Islamic Council) and many others. He was not only invited to train student activities but he also delivered trainings to other entities such as Teenstuff magazine, Nola Cupcakes and Career Advancers. After Graduating in August 2013, he flew to Europe for 3 months attending AIESEC conferences and delivering trainings for young individuals in Austria, Croatia, France and Romania. Ramiz is currently employed with Vodafone Egypt having joined the firm through its Graduate Rotational Program, “Discover”. The Vodafone Discover Graduate Program aims to recruit talented fresh graduates and is targeted at those who have driven, ambition and ideas. It gives the successful candidates a challenging business exposure through job rotation, coaching and networking in order for them to reach their potential and make a tangible difference to the company. Accordingly, Ramiz has worked in 5 teams in his first year at Vodafone passing through Customer Care and Retailing to Reporting and Analysis and Corporate Sales, to Enterprise Marketing, working with the large segments team. After completing the Discover program, he started working as a Marketing Senior Specialist managing the High Value sector within the Vodafone SME Base. And after one year he decided to move to the Sales team to discover the other side of the commercial coin. So in his 3rd year at Vodafone, Ramiz has joined the Enterprise Sales team to manage Tier 1 Premium Key accounts to be one of the youngest account managers to handle the top tier in Vodafone entire Sales team. Apart from being one of the Vodafone employees selected to share their stories as a part of the Vodafone employer branding campaign, he was chosen to be the trainer for the 2014 Vodafone summer internship program, delivering soft skills sessions to equip young undergraduates with the needed skills to stand out in the professional market. And following the success of the program, he was re-invited for the next year delivering the 2015 summer training program as well.

His trainees regard Ramiz as being creative with good communication and interpersonal skills which enable him to deal with a wide range of people delivering the message effectively, and they believe his sessions “made them rethink many concepts and look at things from many perspectives”. Having left the BUE as a student in 2013, Ramiz still gets invited to several events in the University and in AIESEC as well. In 2016, He was selected as a facilitator for the International Train the Trainers Conference in Belgium. And in 2015, he was invited to host the Hult Prize Competition which is the world’s largest student competition for budding young social entrepreneurs emerging from the world’s universities. Also in 2015 he delivered a TED talk in TEDxBUE’s event “Empowerment” and his idea worth sharing was that “with enough belief and confidence in oneself, anyone can achieve what they want”.

Ramiz attributes a big part of his development to his BUE education which enables “the student to think and add his/her personal point of view”, thereby delivering its promise of educating “how to think not what to think”. He believes in the importance of good education for the prosperity of the individual and the nation, which shows in his graduation speech to his fellow colleagues when he stated that: ” Education is power, and as Spiderman says: with Great Power comes Great Responsibility!”

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