Community Services provided by Degree Year 3 students  (academic year 2017/2018)
Students have delivered different awareness sessions in different community settings as MCH Centers and Schools about different body measurements. This is in addition to healthy nutrition habits as well as balanced diet.

Degree Year 1 students while attending their Clinical placement (academic year 2017/2018)
The students were attending their clinical placement in the operation theater with full handover of peri- operative nursing skills.

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Degree Year 2 Students (Child Health Nursing Group) visit to Montessori nursery (academic year 2016/2017)
The students have visited the nursery and performed several activities with children such as the growth and development assessment for different age groups and several recreation activities. Moreover, the students obtained different overview regarding the concept of Montessori nursery.


Community Service provided by Degree Year 3 students  (academic year 2016/2017) 

Students have participated in giving awareness sessions in some schools and geriatric homes about diabetes mellitus and hypertension, as well as a session about well-balanced diet for school age groups. 

We are delighted and proud to announce that third year students in the faculty of Nursing under support of the Dean Professor Safaa Hashim and academic staff of third year, the students delivered series of workshops starting on Monday 23/3/2015 to Wednesday 1/4/2015 about different topics as Intramuscular Injections, Diabetic Foot, First aid for Fracture, Antenatal care, Hand washing, Colostomy care, Breast self-examination, Wound Care, and Vaccination. It is notable these workshops delivered to the BUE staff from different department .


Students Activities during Clinical Training

Year (1)
Students attended clinical in El Kasr Al Ain Hospital and they did a lot of activities with the patient there to raise their health awareness about hand washing and basic principles of infection control

Year (2)
Students attended clinical training in Nasr Institute Hospital and they delivered health education session to inpatient about several chronic disease, they did oral presentations about different diseases in order to raise patient awareness about best ways to prevent complications for most common diseases in Egypt.

Year (3)
Students attended clinical training in El Dermerdash Hospital and they attended different and interesting specialty which is maternity and Newborn Health, they had rotation in different places as care for the mother before delivering, during and after delivering her baby. In addition, they did a mother classes for increasing mothers awareness for how they should provide the care for their babies.

Year (4)
Students attended clinical training in (2) different areas; first one in the community, as they did a lot of community awareness at the El Nahda City, they visited several primary schools, also, they made home visits in order to assess health problems for different families, and they did an action plan to help these families in solving these problems, here some photos from school visits which done by students of faculty of Nursing BUE

IMG 20150120 WA0003



In Mental Health Training the students attend their training in El Abbassya Hospital for Psychiatric and mental diseases, they did a lot of creative activities and drrawing with Psychiatric patients and encouraging them to practice their hobbies as much they can, they applied with the patient the most updated methods for treatment of Psychiatric patient, and the following are samples from patients drawing



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