Welcome to the Writing Center at the BUE


Welcome to the Writing Centre at the BUE     

Mission Statement

Welcome to the BUE English Department Writing Centre. Our mission is to improve the writing skills of undergraduate students and assist graduating ones during the various stages of writing the graduation projects in their majors. It also creates an informal and supportive environment in which students can bring questions to their tutors on one-to-one sessions that aim at improving their writing abilities.

Why Writing Centre at the BUE? 

The Writing Centre tutors help students:  
Start a writing assignment.  
Organise their essays.  
Fine-tune their drafts.  
Find resources for writing in all disciplines.  
Cite sources properly using BUE style sheet.  
Avoid plagiarism. 
Apply the correct use grammar and punctuation rules.  
Make sure writing is of professional/academic quality.


We are located in Building D, Office 303. 

Contact Details 

Director:  Professor Shadia Fahim, Dean of the faculty of Arts and Humanities. 

Writing Centre Coordinator: Ms. Amal.abdelghani
Email: amal.abdelghani @bue.edu.eg

For more information visit about our services, visit the Writing Centre e-learning page http://learn.bue.edu.eg/course/view.php?id=485