Prep Year Student Talk

The aim of Prep Year Programme Student Talk is to orient the students during the induction phase on the services and the courses offered by Faculty of Arts and Humanities. It offers induction sessions to facilitate students accommodate themselves during the transitional phase from school to university. These sessions target at helping students to
  •   Understand the British System.
  •   Introduce the programmes in the Faculty §  Use the SRS and the eLearning.
  •   Learn about the library services.
  •   Introduce the clubs and societies.
  •   Get acquainted with academic honesty.
  •   Know the assessment procedures at The BUE.

Induction is an ongoing process to help students in their Prep Year. Therefore, students are required to attend a number of compulsory workshops to help them understand the Preparatory Year Programme and to develop their independent learning skills through the first and second semesters. Workshops include:
  • Health & Safety Induction
  • An introduction to Study Skills
  • An introduction to using Library Resources-1
  • An introduction to Academic Honesty
  • Revision Techniques  
Prep Year Programme Coordinator: Dr. Maha Munib
Location: Building D, Office 203.