Society of Chemical Engineering (SChemE)

SChemE is a society that aims at further improving the engineer in every one of us. All the members are edicated to enchanting student lives and helping potentials shine
through. Think Green.. Think SChemE.schemeIt aims to achieve the following academic and entertainment goals :

- Gain confidence and trust about the specialty of Chemical Engineering.
- Widen our knowledge and put it into practice
- Develop the BUEian Chemical Engineers
- Gain new skills: software, communication/social, leadership, and academic skills
- Review state-of-the-art Chemical Engineering with up-to-date knowledge
- Exposure of the undergraduates to international organizations (Institutional membership/student exchange)
- Arranging courses (professional and summer courses)
- Upgrading senior students' qualifications (submitting a CV and acing an interview)
- Search for employment opportunities
- Open IChemE student chapter
- Attend international competitions and conferences
- Induction for prep. students (Social Chemistry of Chemical Engineering)
- Chemical Engineering magazine
p.s. The society reserves the right to represent the department in all events
(meetings and discussions)

- Creating new friendships
- Organizing regular field-trips
- Recreational events for BUE students
- Group birthday parties
- Charity works


Summer Training in South Africa
Summer Training in Spain
Midor field trip
Arma field trip






Contact US


El Sherouk City , Suez Desert Road , Cairo 11837 - P.O. Box 43


19283 , +202 26890000 , +202 26300013 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 17 / 18