General Aims and Objectives
  • The Primary aim of the Faculty is to remain a nationally recognized leader of academic excellence in areas of research, education and training, and clinical practice by:
  • Achieving and retaining a reputation for the highest quality research, teaching and clinical expertise in each discipline.
  • Implementing an environment that stimulates intellectual and professional development.Develop the necessary skills and demonstrate sufficient abilities for the comprehensive treatment and case completion in the dental field.

The following attributes aligned are to be implemented:
  • Practical skills: the program aims to enable graduates to continue their professional education and practical performance to significantly contribute in the wide field of dental care of their patients.
  • Critical thinking: Ability to analyze issues logically, to challenge conventional assumptions, to consider different options and view points, make informed decisions and act with flexibility, adaptability and creativity.
  • Cultural understanding: knowledge and appreciation of multiculturalism; and an ability to apply such knowledge in a culturally appropriate manner.
  • Ethics: knowledge of ethics and ethical standards and an ability to apply these with a sense of responsibility within the workplace and community.
  • Information literacy: Ability to apply specific skills in acquiring, organizing, analyzing, evaluating and presenting information.
  • Research: Ability to conduct research by recognizing when information is needed, and locating, retrieving, evaluating and using it effectively.
  • Self-motivation: Capacity for self-directed activity and the ability to work independently.
  • Teamwork: Ability to work effectively as both a team leader and a team member.

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