Dalia Abdel-Rahman  

Associate Professor Dalia Abdel-Rahman


  • Email: dalia.rhman@bue.edu.eg
  • Building: D
  • Employee type: Full-time
  • Room: 210
  • Education History: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) (Pharmaceutics) Al-Azhar University (Girls)- Cairo, Egypt 2002-2005 * Master in Pharmaceutical sciences (Pharmaceutics) Al-Azhar University (Girls)- Cairo, Egypt 1998-2002 * Bachelor of PharmacyCairo University- Cairo, Egypt 1989-1994
  • Bio: May 1994-March 1996,as Quality Control Analyst (El-Nile Pharmaceutical Comp.), March 1996-August 1997,as Medical Representative (GlaxoWellcome Pharmaceutical Comp. ), August 1997- May 2002,as Demonstrator of pharmaceutics (Al-Azhar University , Faculty of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutics Department) May 2002-January 2005,as Lecturer Assistant of pharmaceutics(Al-Azhar University , Faculty of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutics Department ), January 2005-August 2005, as Lecturer of pharmaceutics ( Al-Azhar University , Faculty of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutics Department ), September 2005- February 2007, as Lecturer of pharmaceutics (October University For Modern Sciences & Arts (MSA) Faculty of Pharmacy ), April 2007 – September 2007 , as Honorary lecturer of Pharmaceutics (Manchester University, UK School of Pharmacy), February 2009- June 2009, as Lecturer of Pharmaceutics (Part Time) (Misr International University (MIU) Faculty of Pharmacy), April 2010-August 2010, as Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics (Al-Azhar University , Faculty of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutics Department ), September 2010- August 2013,as Assistant Professor & Head of the Pharmaceutics Department (Modern University for technology and information (MTI), Faculty of Pharmacy), September 2013 join British University in Egypt BUE as Associate Professor and Head of Pharmaceutics Department.
  • Fields of Interest: The major field of interest is in Biopharmaceutical Studies on Certain Drug(s) in Controlled Release Delivery Systems. In addition design and evaluation of Colonic Drug Delivery Systems .^
  • Projects Supervised: Supervised 4 Master & 2 PhD students from various Universities (Azhar, Cairo, Helwan, Universities). ^


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