Mostafa El Kholy  

Dr. Mostafa El Kholy

Lecturer of Endodontics


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  • Employee type: Full-time
  • Extension Number: 2013
  • Room: 101
  • Education History:
    • PhD - Doctrate Degree of Endodontics, Faculty of Dentistry, Ain Shams University, 2018.
    • M.Sc-Master Degree of Endodontics, Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine, Cairo University, 2012.
    • B.D.S.-Bachelor Degree in Dental science, Faculty of Oral and Dental medicine, Cairo University, 2006.

    The Life Span of Different Nickel Titanium Rotary Instruments in Either Rotary or reciprocating Motion Using Single File Technique. Egyptian Dental Journal, Volume 58, 1887:1885, 2012.
  • Bio:

    El Kholy Started his clinical by completing a residency in endodontic department in Cairo University from 2007 to 2008. Afterward started a master degree program in the same department where he received his master degree in endodontics in May 2012.

    In 2012 he joined the academic career in British University in Egypt. Even since he started teaching undergrads about the core science of endodontics, as well as clinical training of interns.

    He obtain mean while his PhD in endodontics in September 2018.

  • Fields of Interest: Dr. Mostafa’s main research focus is the use of single file endodontic files in different motion kinematics, as well as its biological effect on root canal treatment.

    Also he focused on single visit and multiple visit root canal treatment to investigate clinical outcomes and bacterial reduction.
  • Modules: Endodontics


  1. Mostafa M.A. Elkholy. “Single Versus Multiple-visit root canal treatment in teeth with asymptomatic apical periodontitis. A 1-year post treatment follow-up CBCT study.” ROOTS SUMMIT, June 28th- July 1st 2018, Berlin.
  2. Mostafa M.A. Elkholy. Single Versus Multiple Root Canal Treatment. 18th International Dental Congress. 22nd- 24th November 2017, Cairo.
  3. Mostafa M.A. Elkholy. Life Span of Different NiTi Instruments in Either Rotary or reciprocating Motion Using Single File Root Canal Preparation Technique. 16th International Dental Congress. 5th- 8th November 2015, Cairo.
  4. Mostafa M.A. Elkholy. The life span of different nickel titanium rotary instruments in either rotary or reciprocating motion using single file root canal preparation technique. EDJ Vol. 58, 1877:1885, April, 2012.

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