Ahmad Mohamed Yousri El-Kouedi  

Associate Professor Ahmad Mohamed Yousri El-Kouedi

Acting Head of Fixed Prosthodontic Department


  • Email: Ahmed.Elkouedi@bue.edu.eg
  • Building: N
  • Employee type: Part-time
  • Extension Number: 2016
  • Room: Fixed Prosthodontics Dept.
  • Education History:
    • PhD - Doctrate degree of Crown and Fixed Prosthoodontics , Al-Azhar University, 2007.
    • M.Sc. - Master degree of Crown and Fixed Prosthoodontics , Al-Azhar University, 2000.
    • B.D.S. - Bachelor degree of Dental Science, Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine, Cairo University, 1994.
  • Bio: Dr Ahmad El-Kouedi is currently an Associate Professor at Al-Azhar University. He has been in the university teaching positions from 1997.
    Dr Ahmad has also taught at private universities. He was at Misr International University (MIU) for 5 years and is now a part time staff member at the British University in Egypt, where he has been acting head of department for the past 3 years.
    While teaching, Dr Ahmad has a successful private practice, which he opened in 1996. With his ample experience in the field of fixed prosthodontics, he receives multiple referrals of difficult cases from general dental practioners.
    His numerous research studies have been published in several national and international journals.
  • Fields of Interest: My recent research interests include the application of newly introduced dental materials in the field of fixed prosthodontics. These new materials must be researched so that the best, proper manner of usage is known to gain the optimum benefits.
  • Projects Supervised:
    1. Evaluation of cervical marginal gap of pressable versus CAD/CAM Endocrown restorations. ( Masters 2015)
    2. Evaluation of color, flexural strength and marginal fir of zirconia ceramics. (Doctorate 2015)
    3. Shear bond strength of two porcelain repairing systems using different surface preparation techniques. ( Masters 2016)
    4. Reinforcement of weakened root rested with different type of fiber post and core materials. (Masters 2016)
    5. Effect of artificial accelerated aging on surface roughness and color stability of different ceramic restoration. (Masters 2016)
    6. The accuracy of different interocclusal recording methods: An in-vitro study. (Masters 2016)
    7. Effect of bonding agents on the bond strength between different posts and core materials. (Masters 2016)
    8. Evaluation of the vertical marginal gap and fracture resistance of two machinable glass ceramics after thermomechanical cycling. (Masters 2018)
    9. Effect of Luting agent and surface treatment type on bond strength to a zirconia-based ceramic. (Masters 2018)
  • Modules:
    1. Fixed Prosthodontics
    • Preclinical
    • Clinical


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Book author:
Fundamentals of Fixed Prosthodontics: Third Year Course, Part II. Page 1-95. Crown & Bridge Dept, Al-Azhar University, 20017.

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