Sameh Doss  

Professor Sameh Doss

Professor of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University.


  • Email: sameh.doss
  • Building: N
  • Employee type: Part-time
  • Education History:
    • Ph.D: Oct 1987. Title of PhD thesis: An anatomical and histological study of the pericardium and pathological Conditions.Faculty of Medicine. Cairo University.
    • M.Sc: May 1981 Title of M.Sc. thesis: Histological and histochemical pattern of cellular turnover in human testis at various age groups. Faculty of Medicine. Cairo University.
    • M.B., CH: June, 1976, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University.
  • Bio:

    Dr Sameh Doss is a professor of Anatomy, Cairo University and head of Anatomy department at the BUE. He has published 14 papers in different journals and authored 10 books in the field of Anatomy. He was a member of the Egyptian Scientific Committee for promotion of professors and assistant professors from 2008 till 2013.

  • Fields of Interest: My special interest is in Neuroanatomy
  • Modules:
    1. Anatomy


  1. Soheir H.El sharouni,Hany A.Soliman ,Heshmat S.W.Haroun,Sameh Doss and Wafik H.Nessim(1991):Descriptive and morphometric study of the mitral valve in man.Egypt.Anat.,14 (4):17-32.
  2. Ibrahim Labib,Ashraf M.Hidayet,Maha H.Ashmawy.M.Emad and Sameh doss(1992):Renal surgery on anatomical basis lll.Study of the venous system. Egtption J.surg.,15 (2):47-60. 
  3. Fayza abdel raouf, Nabila Y.abdel Haleem.Amira ahmed el Haggagi and Sameh doss (1992):Anatomical study of the extralaryngeal part of the recurrent laryngeal nerve in man.Egyption J.Anat.15 (3):117-127.
  4. Sameh Doss(1993)Anatomy of the bifurcate ligament of the foot and its relation to ankle sprain.Egypt.J.Anat.,16 (1):1-13.
  5. Hani. A.Soliman ,Sameh Doss,Nabila Y.abdel Haleem, Amira Hassen and Saber Shona(1993):Anatomical study of the human erector spinae muscle (accepted for publication in the Egypt.J.Ante).
  6. Nabila Y Abdel Haleem,Amany Borhamy, Amira Hassen,Sameh Doss and Hany A.Soliman(1993):An anatomical and histological study of the ligaments of the wrist joint.(accepted for publicationin the Egypt.J.Anat.)
  7. A morphological study of the collateral ligaments of the human knee with special reference to their innervation .Egypt.J.Anat.vol ,18(1):Jan.1995(accepted 15-10-1994).
  8. Effects of tartrazine administration on the liver and kidney of the albino rat.Accepted for publication in El-kasr El-Eini Medical Journal in January,1998.
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  14. Rectosigmoid junction :Anatomical ,histological and radiological studies with special reference to sphincteric function .kasr El-Eini Med.Journal vol.5 (2):91-106,December,1999.
  1. Anatomy handout :Basics of anatomy
  2. Anatomy handout: Thorax
  3. Anatomy handout: Abdomen and Pelvis
  4. Anatomy handout: Upper limb
  5. Anatomy handout: Head and Neck
  6. Anatomy handout: General embryology
  7. Anatomy handout: Special embryology
  8. Anatomy handout : Surgical anatomy
  9. Clinical Embryology: An atlas of congenital malformations .Carachi and Doss. Springer, in print

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