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Assistant Lecturer Caroline Maged

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  • Building: N
  • Employee type: Full-time
  • Room: Oral Biology Department
  • Education History:
    • M.Sc. - Master Degree of Oral Biology, Faculty of Dentistry, Ain Shams University, 2018.
    • National Dental Board Examination (NBDE), 2013.
    • B.D.S. - Bachelor Degree of Dental science, Faculty of Dentistry, Ain Shams University, 2011.
  • Bio: Caroline Massieh has been working in the field of dentistry since 2011 and has been in academia since 2012. She also completed and passed her american National Board of Dental Examination (NBDE) in 2013. She has been a teaching assistant in the Oral Biology departement in the Faculty of Dentistry of the British University in Egypt since it was established. Her friendly personality has made her the faculty representitive, meeting with new applicants and their parents, and discussing the faculty teaching policies as well as its many other interesting activities. Her artistic background, participating in many art projects through her adult life, has also made her a Logo Designer for our faculty as well as for our Dental Hospital. She has also worked previously in the field of medical research were she participated in an FDA clinical trial at Combimatrix Diagnostics, CA, USA. This has aided Caroline in her research life during her study for the Master's Degree in Oral Biology at the Faculty of Dentistry, Ain Shams University. She obtained her MS degree in 2018 and is now a PhD candidate with a promising career in the field of stem cells and biomedical research.
  • Fields of Interest: I am interested in the research field of oral biology, were her main interest showed in the testing of hard tooth structure, especially dentin, with respect to the effect of different irrigation solutions and a naturally occurring anti-oxidant. Her focus is studying the medical effect of naturally occurring substances and the possibility to be used instead of chemically made medicaments which have proven to induce many toxic effects. She is also interested in the study of stem cells due to their recent medical breakthrough were they have been proven to exert an exceptionally positive outcome eliminating and reversing many different diseases. Her PhD thesis dissertation is mainly focused on the effect of mesenchymal stem cells on the salivary glands of rats receiving an anti-cancerous drug, 5-flouruoracil, which causes many side effects and identifying their best route of administration.
  • Modules:
    1. Human Dentition
    2. Oral Biology


  1. Caroline M. Massieh, Medhat A. El Zainy, Reham M. Mohammad. Effect of Lycopene Addition to Sodium Hypochlorite on Surface Morphology of Radicular Dentin: In-Vitro Study Using Scanning Electron Microscope. Ain Shams Dental Journal, 2018.

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