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Rt Hon. Charles Clarke


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    The Rt. Hon. Charles Clarke was a member of the British parliament for Norwich South from 1997 until 2010, where he served as secretary of state for education and skills from 2002 to 2004 and as home secretary from 2004 to 2006. Earlier in his career, he was president of the National Union of Students and then a Labour councillor in Hackney before working for Neil Kinnock, the leader of the Labour Party, as his chief of staff. Charles is a widely consulted expert on education quality and standards and the role of education and training in economic and global competitiveness. He read mathematics and economics at Kings College, Cambridge, and is now visiting professor in politics at the University of East Anglia. Since leaving Parliament in May 2010, I have been active in a number of areas, which can broadly be divided into the following categories:-

    Academic Politics
    I am a Visiting Professor in Politics at the University of East Anglia. Other than general lecturing and teaching, my main purpose is to improve the relationship between academic politics and the world of practical political activity. An early attempt to achieve this is the ‘Too Difficult Box’ lecture series at the University which is taking place between January and April 2010. I am also a Visiting Professor in Politics and Faith at the University of Lancaster. The University has established a department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion, within which I am doing some teaching and lecturing. More generally I believe that the relationship between faith and politics needs to be much better considered and discussed than is currently the case and the AHRC/ESRC Religion and Society Programme is directed by Professor Linda Woodhead at Lancaster. I set out my basic approach on this subject to the Royal Commonwealth Society in November 2006. I also do other occasional academic lectures and events.
    International Education
    I am developing my activities in the field of international education. I am a non-executive Director of LJCreate, a world wide business based in Norwich which creates practical and innovative e-learning teaching solutions, particularly in engineering, technology and and science.
    I also offer strategic consultancy advice to the Open University, am a Special Adviser to INTO University Partnerships and have an advisory role to Nelson Thornes/Infinitas Learning. In addition I attend and give papers at various international education events and am seeking to promote educational development internationally, particularly focusing upon the strengths of UK education at all levels.
    I am currently preparing a pamphlet for the Centre for European Reform dealing with the need for a migration policy for the European Union. We intend to publish this in the early Spring, in order to promote debate around these very important issues. In 2011 Charles was invited to join the Transatlantic Council on Migration, which is a project of the Migration Policy Institute. The link can be found at: Transatlantic Council on Migration These three areas of Academic politics, International education and Migration are my three main areas of activity. They represent different aspects of discussion of the ways in which democratic politics needs to develop in a globalising world and I hope to able to contribute something to this process.
    International Activities
    In addition to these areas I retain an active interest in international affairs. I am a Council member of the European Council for Foreign Relations , which is the first panEuropean think-tank. Its objective is to conduct research and promote informed debate across Europe on the development of coherent and effective European values based foreign policy. I am a member of the International Advisory Board of the Schengen White List Project, which is run by the European Stability Initiative, The main purpose of this project is to stabilise and normalize democratic development in the Western Balkans, with a view to future full membership of the European Union. I am a member of the Steering Group of the Apeldoorn Conference which stimulates dialogue between the UK and Holland. In addition to the above I am a consultant to Beachcroft LLP,, whom I advise on current public affairs. Prior to May 2010, I have a lengthy political history which includes being President of the National Union of Students, a Councillor in the London Borough of Hackney, work in the Office of Rt Hon Neil Kinnock MP when he was leader of the Labour Party, Member of Parliament for Norwich South and ministerial responsibilities in the department of education, Home Office and as Labour Party Chair.
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