Terms of Reference

  1. To act in a proactive manner to initiate, promote and develop research in the University.
  2. To develop, maintain and oversee the implementation of a coordinated Research Strategy and to advise relevant University Committees on the resource and budgetary implications of this strategy.
  3. To monitor Teaching and Learning matters relevant to all post graduate programmes.
  4. To oversee the development of current and new post graduate programmes.
  5. To identify areas of research strength within the University, to advise on priorities for support and to identify areas of potential growth, including the establishment of research centres.
  6. To monitor and evaluate research performance within the University and advise on the continuation of research centres.
  7. In the context of the University Research Strategy and other identified corporate priorities, to advise the Chair of the Committee on the relative strengths and merits of research proposals received from staff.
  8. To oversee the consideration and evaluation of individual Staff Research Plans and to advise on any reduction in teaching load which might be applied to facilitate research activity.
  9. To advise relevant University Committee on the allocation of research budgets based around the University's priorities.
  10. To identify and disseminate sources of potential research funding and to encourage research sponsorship and industrial/commercial engagement with the University's academic work.
  11. To determine criteria for research awards (including conference grants) and how such funds should be disbursed, and to monitor the outcomes.
  12. To receive applications for research and conference funds that had been approved by Deans and to allocate funds.
  13. To receive and approve proposals for hosting conferences under the auspices of BUE.
  14. To facilitate the establishment of higher degrees by research in the University and the recruitment of research students and research assistants.
  15. To report to the Senate and relevant University Committees, as appropriate.


  • Vice President, Research and Postgraduate Studies (Chair)
  • Vice President, Teaching and Learning
  • Vice President, Enterprise and Community Service
  • University Registrar
  • Vice Dean for Research/Research Coordinator from each Faculty
  • Directors of two research centres
  • Two research active academic staff
  • One external member with accomplished research experience

Research and Postgraduate Studies Committee Membership for 2014/15

Prof. Yehia Bahei-El-Din, Vice President (Research and Postgraduate Studies), Chair
Prof. Leslie Croxford, Senior Vice President (Teaching and Learning)
Prof. David Kirby, Vice President (Enterprise and Community Service)
Prof. Shahir Sadek, Vice Dean (Research and Postgraduate Studies), Faculty of Engineering
Prof. Maged Iskander, Vice Dean (Research), Faculty of Business Administration, Economics and Political Science
Prof. Osman Ibrahim, Vice Dean (Research and Postgraduate Studies), Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science
Dr. Gamal Moutamed, Vice Dean, Faculty of Dentistry
Dr. Mona Myhob, Research Coordinator, Faculty of Nursing
Dr. Abdullah Gibriel, Research Coordinator, Faculty of Pharmacy
Dr. Christine Fahmy, Research Coordinator, Faculty of Communication and Mass Media
Prof. Ahmed Rashed, Director, Centre for Sustainability and Future Studies
Dr. Mostafa Shazly, Director, Centre for Advanced Materials
Dr. Tarek Hatem, Faculty of Engineering
Dr. Eglal Hakim, Faculty of Nursing
Prof. Nadia Zakhary, Former Minister of Scientific Research and Member of BUE Board of Trustees