The results of the planning mechanism, are communicated to the BUE community and discussed in relevant administrative bodies within the BUE through a reporting system structured as follows:

Biannual Reports
The IPDU shall compile biannual reports, submitted to the president, and presented and discussed in all relevant administrative bodies, i.e., Executive Group (EG), University Senate (US) and University Board (UB). The reports shall define all recommendations and set a suitable time frame for the implementation of such recommendations, supported by the results of data analysis and conducted surveys.

Full Term Report
The IPDU shall compile a full term report linking all proposals and recommendationsmade through the biannual reporting mechanism. Further analysis and data collections are expected, at this stage, in order to extract strategic implications of proposed amendments and recommendations. In addition, external environmental scans that were conducted throughout the strategic plan term shall be incorporated at this stage to translate any external factors into one or all of the following:

  • Amended vision of the BUE;
  • New targets in all BUE activities;
  • Introduction of new programmes to reflect external changes;
  • Terminate programmes that might not be operating at the expected standard;
  • Reposition the BUE as a result of its perceived reputation;
  • Redirect BUE operations as a result of political and/or societal changes;
  • Internationalization activities.