BUE-Faculty of Pharmacy Strategic Objectives

First Goal: Increase Competitiveness in Pharmaceutical Education


1- Ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of leadership and administrative systems within a suitable organizational framework.

2- Improve and upgrade the faculty infrastructure and facilities.

3- Develop the educational program in accordance with the national academic reference standards and to meet the needs of the labor market.

4- Implementation of an advanced teaching and learning strategy to achieve the goals of the educational program.

5- Improve and develop the faculty competitive status.

Second Goal: Improve Human Resources and Student Support and Quality of Education


1- Achieve continuous development of the capabilities of academic and administrative staff.

2- Develop and enhance means of support for students and alumni.

3- Implement higher education quality systems.

Third Goal: Support Scientific Research and Innovation and Implement Postgraduate Studies Program


1- Achieve excellence and enhance effectiveness of scientific research.

2- Provide means of support and encouragement for researchers.

3- Implement postgraduate studies program.

Fourth Goal: Promote Community Service and Environment Development


1- Activate the role of the faculty in community service and environment development.

2- Promote the participation of community members in the faculty activities.