Mostafa M. El Feki  

Professor Mostafa M. El Feki


  • Education History:

    - PH.D in Political Science, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London (SOAS), 1977 - BA in Political Science, Faculty of Economic and Political Science, Cairo University, 1966

  • Bio:

    Executive Posts:

    • President of the British University in Egypt (February 2005- April 2008)
    • Member of Parliament (Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of The Egyptian People's Assembly) 2001
    • Member of the Middle East Committee of the Inter-Parliamemtary Union (2005)
    • Vice president of freedom and human rights (Inter-Parliamemtary Union (2010)
    • Member of The Consultative Committee of the Inter-Parliamemtary Union, sole representative of the Arab States (2008)
    • Deputy Chairman of the Arab Parliament (2005)
    • Member of the Supreme Council for Policies of The Ruling Party,(National Democratic Party), Chairman of the Committee (Egypt and the World) 2002-2004, In charge of communication between the Party and both Arab and Foreign Parties (2004-2005)
    • First Assistant Foreign Minister, 2000
    • Assistant Foreign Minister for Arab and Middle East Affairs, Permanent Representative of Egypt to the League of Arab States, (1999)
    • Ambassador of Egypt to Austria and Permanent Representative to the International Organizations in Vienna (IAEA, CTBTO, UNIDO, UNOV in addition to OSCE)
    • Governor of Egypt at IAEA (1995 – 1997) – (1998 – 1999)
    • Chairman of African Group, Vienna, second half of 1995 and first half of 1999
    • Ambassador – non - resident – to the Republics of Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia 1995-1999
    • Director of the Institute for Diplomatic Studies, The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign affairs ( 1993 – 1995)
    • Secretary General of the Advisory Council for Foreign Affairs, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( 1992 –1993)
    • Secretary of Information and Follow-up to the President of Egypt and Head of the Bureau of Information and Follow-up, Egyptian Presidency (July 1985 – October 1992)

    Awards and Decorations:

    •  "Silver Cross High Honor" from the Republic of Austria 2001
    •  "First Class Science & Arts Honor" from Republic of Austria in 1998
    •  "Second Class Republic Honor" from Republic of Tunisia in 1990
    •  "Commander Degree National Honor of Merit" from Republic of France in 1989
    •  "National Order of Merit" from Republic of Cyprus in 1989
    •  "Second Class Republic Order" from Sudan Republic in 1988
    •  "Knight Degree Order of Merit" from Kingdom of Sweden in 1987
    •  "Knight Degree Order of Merit" from Kingdom of Denmark in 1986
    •  "Civil Service Order of Merit" from Kingdom of Spain in 1985
    •  "Third Class Order of Merit" from Arab Republic of Egypt in 1983
    •  "Fourth Class Order of Merit" from Arab Republic of Egypt in 1975


    • State Merit Prize in Social Sciences, 2003
    • "Personality of the Year", American University in Cairo (Adham Center for Television Journalism), 1995
    • State Incentive Prize in Political Science, 1994
    • First Award for Best Political Article, the Supreme Council for Science, Literature and Arts, 1966
    • Egyptian Universities Cup for Best Public Speaker, 1965


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- Intellectual Nights in Vienna: Dar El Shorouk, Cairo, 1998 (several editions)
- The Absent Vision : Dar El Shorouk, Cairo, 1996 (several editions)
- Dialogue of Generation : Dar El Shorouk, Cairo, 1994 (several editions)
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