Dr. Aly Saleh – Introducing the Arab League (March 24th 2019)

On Sunday 24th of March 2019, as part of the cooperation between the BUE Political Science Department, Dr. Aly Saleh, gave a public lecture on the League of Arab States, introducing its origins, structure, and role in the region.
The students had the privilege to ask questions in regards to the League approaches and decision-making processes during different crisis times in the Middle East.
This was made possible by the hard work of the political science students who established the Integrated model of League of Arab States at BUE.

Arab-Israeli Conflict Guest Speaker Lecture (March 23th 2019)

On Saturday 23rd of March 2019, the Arab-Israeli Conflict teaching team was honoured to have the Head of the Decision Support Centre, at the Egyptian Cabinet, Mohamed Abdel Maksoud.

Mr. Abdel Maksoud gave a lecture to the Political Science Department senior students, on the Egyptian efforts in the recent developments on the Palestinian - Israeli Conflict.


The Belt and Road Initiative and its Reflection on Strategic Partnership between Egypt and China (March 17th 2019)

The Political Science Department, under the auspices of the British University in Egypt, organized a one-day seminar on the Belt and Road Initiative and its potential ramifications on the strategic partnership between Egypt and China, both at the economic and political levels. The seminar, moderated by His excellency ambassador Dr. Mahmoud Karem, hosted a number of diplomats, academic and policy-oriented experts from Egypt and China. They presented their perspectives on the Chinese Initiative in terms of its origins, its motivations, its potential implications for Egypt with regard to opportunities and/or challenges, as well as its implications for an emerging Egyptian-Chinese strategic partnership.

The Arab League and the Middle East (March 12th 2019)

The Secretary General of the Arab League, His Excellency Ahmed Abu ElGheit along with a delegation from the league visited the university. The purpose of this visit was to give a lecture on the historical development of Arab League in the Middle East in light of the fast developments taking place in the region. During the lecture, His Excellency discussed the different challenges and obstacles faced by the organization as well as the active role it plays in conflict resolution, regional stability and peace realization. He also heavily emphasized on the importance of education and supporting youth which the Arab League is very keen on doing through the summer training opportunities offered to students annually which generations of former and current BUE students have been taking part of and participating in through Model Arab League (MAL) headed by students from the Political Science Department.

Panorama 6th October – Field Trip (March 11th 2019)

As part of the political science departmental blended learning strategy, the Arab- Israeli Conflict teaching team, organized a field trip to Panorama 6th October on Monday 11th of March.
Mr. Michael Mulligan, Ms, Aida Yehia, and Ms. Gina Wael also joined the team and the students in the trip.
It consisted of a guided tour of the place exploring and displaying the historical moment of the 1973 October War. The students had the chance to learn more about the military strategies, consequences, and aftermath of the Egyptian victory.

German Ambassador’s Talk at BUE (March 10th 2019)

German Ambassador to Egypt, his Excellency Julius Georg Luy, during his visit to the British University in Egypt, on March 10th, 2019 discussed the goals and challenges of German-Egyptian cooperation in various developmental fields. In his talk, he has given special attention to the importance of waste management, water security and irrigation in connection to ongoing economic and international relations issues as the new focus of cooperation with Egyptian government. He also shed the light on the crucial role and commitment of Egypt in mediating conflicts in the region. After the discussion of the several new developmental and trade-related agreements between Germany and Egypt, the Political Science Department’s students were given the floor to share questions and comments.

Trumpian America (March 3rd 2019)

The Political Science department held a seminar in collaboration with Al Ahram’s International Relations Magazine (مجلة السياسة الدولية). The panel that consisted of Mr. Nagi Kamha, Political Science Professor from Cairo University, Mr. Ezzat Ibrahim, Editor-in-Chief of Al-Ahram Weekly and Former Washington Correspondent, His Excellency Ambassador Mohamed Anis Salem, Professor Amani Massoud, Associate Professor Gamal Selim, Dr. Nikolaos Nikolakakis, Dr. Nora Maher from the Political Science department at The British University in Egypt. The speakers discussed the impact of Donald Trump’s policies on domestic and international politics in light of the current developments inside and outside the United States. In the American political scene, the panel examined the extent of influence that Trump’s populism and right-wing politics has on the political culture as well as polarizing effect it resulted in within the political institutions in the United States. In terms of international relations, particular attention was given to Trump’s policies in the Middle East and specifically pertaining to the Palestinian question and the Arab Israeli Conflict.

Political Science Reading Circle (Febreuary 24th 2019)

On Sunday February 24th 2019, the Political Science department hosted its first academic reading circle. Dr. Ahmed Mahdi presented his book titled “Energy and U.S Foreign Policy: The Quest for Resource Security”. The presentation was followed by a rich and vibrant discussion, along with light refreshments.

Cybersecurity Policies and Practices in the GCC States (Febreuary 20th 2019)

Dr. James Shires discussed cybersecurity policies and practices in the six states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). He demonstrated that the scope of cybersecurity should not be defined a priori, but observed ‘in the wild’, to obtain a fuller picture of its variation in different regions. The lecture was followed by a questions and answers session.

British Ambassador Visit to the Political Science Department (Febreuary 19th 2019)

On February 19th, Sir Geoffrey Adams, British Ambassador to Egypt, visited the Political Science Department, BUE.
His excellency gave a lecture in the auditorium on Brexit and the future of Europe. All political science cohorts and members of academic staff were present. The lecture was followed by a questions and answers session, whereby the students had the chance to question his excellency on multiple relevant issues.

Environmental Policies in Egypt – Public Lecture (November 21th 2018)

As part of the Political Science department's community service efforts, the Public Policy and Administration teaching team has invited an official from the Ministry of the Environment, Ms. Nesreen Baz, to give a talk to the student on Wednesday, November 21st, 2018. The lecture tackled the issue of how environmental public policy is made in Egypt. The guest speaker highlighted Egypt's achievements in the area of environmental protection, as well as the obstacles it faces in formulating public policy. The floor was open for questions and comments, whereby students raised very important points and recommendations.
The lecture was delivered in Arabic, which was intended to familiarise students with the public policy vocabulary in Egypt. Students from other modules and departments were also invited to attend as part of the department's community service team efforts to raise public awareness among students.


Soliya “Connect Program” (November 11th 2018)

As part of the community service plan to promote diversity, academic intercultural communication, research, and participation in international programs; the Political Science department held a lecture on Sunday November 11th, 2018 from 2:00-4:00 in G-LH-3 delivered by Soliya representative in Egypt. Ms. Asmaa gave the students an overview of the facilitated dialogue program “Connect Program” offered by Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange, a new initiative funded by the European Commission.
The department looks forward to a future fruitful partnership with Soliya.

The Crisis of the Contemporary Arab State (November 5th 2018)

On November 5th 2018, the Political Science department was honoured to host Prof. Ali el-din Hillal. He is a Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science (FEPS), Cairo University. He is one of the most renowned Egyptian professors of political science in Egypt and the Arab area. Besides, he held various political positions, and was Egypt’s Minister of Youth from 1999 to 2004.

He discussed the crisis of the contemporary Arab states by providing five different perspectives through which we can understand the latter; namely historical-cultural argument, sociological argument, political economy argument, political institutions argument, and globalization/external factors argument. He emphasized on the diversity of approaches and solutions to the problems of Arab states. Prof. HIllal then engaged with students and Academics in a meaningful discussion.

Finally, he was honoured by the President of the BUE, as recognition of his important contributions to the field of Political Science.
Prof. Ali3
Prof. Ali2

Youth’s Role in Society (4th of November 2018)

As part of the community service plan to engage youth in serving their community and be aware of their role in politics and society, the Department of Political Science hosted a talk given by Dr. Youssef El Wardany, Assistant Minister of Youth and Sports on Sunday, November 4th, 2018 from 2:00-4:00 in G-CR-9. During the lecture, Dr. El Wardany discussed the importance of youth participation in policymaking, challenges faced by the ministry and the opportunities and resources the ministry is willing to offer to startup businesses by the youth. He also introduced the Ministry’s initiative to support youth’s proposals that aim to develop the agendas formulated by Egyptian Ministries. A call for applications will be open for students interested in public policy and development strategies to participate in a competition sponsored by the Ministry.

The BUE hosts a workshop entitled “The World’s Fastest Growing Economies: The Cases of Tajikistan, Portugal, Mexico, and Singapore (October 28th, 2018)

The World’s Fastest Growing Economies: The Cases of Tajikistan, Portugal, Mexico, and Singapore, was one of the most important workshops held by the BUE in the field of economics and political economy. The BUE invited the ambassadors of the four countries, Tajikistan, Portugal, Mexico, and Singapore, to explain the secrets of their fast growing economies to an audience of students and staff members. The purpose of the workshop was to bring together senior diplomats, economic experts as well as academia, faculty and students alike to analyze the most important economic challenges, address opportunities and obstacles, showcase solutions and pinpoint the success stories of the countries which were able to achieve rapid economic growth.

The workshop began with an introduction by ambassador Mahmoud Karem, who highlighted the importance for Egypt to learn from these successful economic experiences, especially after going through two experiences of political transformation.

While each case study was unique, all presenters agreed that it is necessary to open up your economic market to the world, and to focus on a single sector of the economy (such as Technology, Education, Health, Agriculture, Small-Scale Manufacturing) and give it special attention; so that it develops into a ‘pioneer’ sector. They also agreed that all countries that strengthen the role of the state, reform their procedures and vision, and cooperate with the private sector would inevitably be integrated in the global economy.
Secrets of International Publishing: Tips and Tricks for Authors (October 25th, 2018)

In collaboration with the Economics department, the Political Science department hosted the vital and fruitful lecture titled “Secrets of International Publishing: Tips and Tricks for Authors “delivered by Dr. Mostafa AboElsoud.

The session answered the below questions:

1. Why do I need to publish internationally? Promotion: Current & Planned Guidelines

2. Do you have a manuscript? If not, how to turn your thesis into an article?

3. How to find professional and fast academic proofreading services?

4. Showing up your name on the top of Google search: How to create your digital identity online?

5. Ready for submission: How to avoid predatory Journals?

6. Getting too many rejections: Three different ways in how to select a suitable Journal?

It also discussed how to use and interact with the Egyptian Knowledge Bank and Clarivate Analytics as a researcher.

Dr. Bassant Hassib Commenting on Current National Developments on Nile TV International (October 12th, 2018)

Dr. Hassib appeared on the Breakfast Show of Nile TV International, on Friday, 12 October 2018. She commented on the news headlines of various national issues and developments, including the President’s speech at the 29th Educational Seminar of the Armed Forces; the Egyptian-Japanese cooperation in Higher Education and Scientific Research; the government’s plan for construction and urban development; Sisi’s visit to Russia; and the Tripartite Summit for the Eastern Mediterranean Initiative between Egypt, Greece and Cyprus.
For more information visit this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIAdegDINcI

China’s One Belt, One Road Initiative and Its Implications for an Emerging Chinese-Egyptian Strategic Partnership

Dr. Mohamed Fayez Farahat from Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies (ACPSS) gave a guest lecture titled “China’s One Belt, One Road Initiative and Its Implications for an Emerging Chinese-Egyptian Strategic Partnership". The lecture discussed China’s initiative on reinventing the old idea of the Silk Road, and turn it into a wide reaching economic network; with special focus Egypt.
A questions and answers session followed the lecture.
Pol event

Field Trip to Moukhtar Museum (October 20th, 2018)

The students went to Moukhtar Museum on October 20, 2018, where they inquired and discovered Egyptian political cultural innovations. Mokhtar is the pioneer of Egyptian modern art. In his museum, they watched how Mokhtar sculpted the political Egyptian leaders, and the model of Egypt Awakening (Nahdat Misr) that is considered part of the Egyptian revival. Nahdat Misr was the first statue sculptured and funded by Egyptians. The students were also lectured by the granddaughter of Mokhtar, and the professor of the cultural studies at FEPS, Cairo University on the link between Art and Politics

Chinese People’s Association for Peace and Disarmament (CPAPD) on “Security, Peace and Development 


From Tuesday, 18 September to Thursday, 20 September, Professor Massoud attended a conference on “Security, Peace and Development”, which was organized by the Chinese People’s Association for Peace and Disarmament (CPAPD). This conference was a part of commemorative event for the international day of peace. The conference sessions were held in Beijing and Nanjing.

The conference was attended by 48 Chinese and 80 international participants. The opening speech was delivered by the Vice Minister of International Department of the CPC Central Committee and the General Secretary of Peace Council.

As a representative for the Afro-Asian association in Egypt, Professor Massoud’s presentation focused on the African-Asian development models. The presentation suggested three ways for Asian assistance to Africa: 1) ensuring a mutual beneficial partnership between Asia and Africa; 2) sharing the Asian valuable experience in development; 3) capacity building in Africa. From a future perspective, her presentation called for activating the south-south dialogue for further cooperation.

One of the “key” statements of the conference was: “Economic partnership has to replace political alliances to pave the way for further human prosperity”.
Prof. Amany


LSBU Summer School, 2018: trip to the Houses of Parliament, Westminster (July 13th, 2018)
On the final day of the Summer School, BUE students and LSBU staff visited the UK Houses of Parliament at the invitation of LSBU’s local MP, Neil Coyle. Neil’s support for the LSBU Politics degree includes offering student internships in his parliamentary office and hosting the launch of the LSBU International Relations and Politics Student Society in a parliamentary committee room.

The visit coincided with the 250,000 strong anti-Trump demonstration that passed through Parliament Square, temporary home to a giant ‘baby Trump’ inflatable. The guided tour lasted 80 minutes and included fascinating details of the life of the building and its place in British political history. A high-point was the guide’s explanation of the revolution against monarchical power and the establishment of parliamentary rule in the second half of the seventeenth century.

The attached photos were taken in Westminster Hall, which was also the setting for the more recent visits to Parliament of Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama.

The International Scientific Seminar on "Social Policies in a Comparative Perspective" (June 25-26 June, 2018)

Dr. Rasha Mansour represented BUE at the international scientific seminar on "Social Policies in a Comparative Perspective" held by the Observatoire de la Fonction Publique et de la Bonne Gouvernance at Saint Joseph University in Beirut. She presented a paper entitled “The Socialist Legacy in Egypt: Has it Disappeared?”

The seminar which took place on 25 and 26 June 2018 brought together researchers, academics and experts from the USJ, the Lebanese University, the Holy Spirit University in Kaslik and the CROP director (Comparative Research Program on Poverty) in Bergen, Norway.

This activity was carried out in association with the University Agency of La Francophonie, the Lebanese CNRS, Omsar and ENA-Lebanon. The papers presented will be published in the proceedings of the seminar.

For more information, please check the following link:

Dr. Rasha Mansour

European Union in International Affairs’ (EUIA) Conference 
Assistant Professor Bassant Hassib participated in The ‘European Union in International Affairs’ (EUIA18) Conference, which took place from 16 to 18 May 2018, in Brussels, Belgium. This is the sixth edition of conference and it focused on the theme ‘Protecting and Projecting Europe provides a major forum for academics and policy-makers to debate the role of the EU in the turbulent realm of international affairs’. Dr. Hassib was part of the EU-MENA Panel on ‘No trust, no democracy, no partners? The EU’s struggles in its Southern Neighbourhood’, where she presented a paper on “The European Neighbourhood Civil Society Facility in Egypt: A Futile Instrument Disabled by Two Fronts”.

EUIA18 will hosted high-level keynote addresses and marked the 40th anniversary of the Journal of European Integration (JEI) by hosting the first JEI Annual Lecture.

The EUIA Conference is organized by The Institute for European Studies at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (IES-VUB), the Institut d’Études Européennes at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (IEE-ULB), the United Nations University Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies (UNU-CRIS) and Egmont – the Royal Institute for International Relations.
Dr. Bassant

Meeret Hany Awarded BUE Best Research/Design Graduation Project Award for 2017 (May 2nd, 2018)

BUE Student Meeret Hany and her supervisor Dr. Maha Ghalwash were awarded the BUE Best Research/Design Graduation Project Award for 2017. The dissertation titled “The Coptic imagined Community Between Sadat and Mubarak: A Christian minority or a State within the State? The Sunday School Movement and Mechanisms for Ethnic Survival.”

The Award recognized the top graduation project in each Department and included a monetary prize and award certificate. The Awarding ceremony was held in the BUE Auditorium on Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018 as part of the 4th BUE Research Forum.

The International Studies Association (ISA) 59TH Annual Convention 

Assistant Professor Bassant Hassib participated in ISA’s 59th Annual Convention, in San Francisco (4-7 April 2018), and presented her current research in a Working Group on “Unsettling International Relations: Knowing and Unknowing the Settler Colonial Present”. Dr. Hassib’s research focused on “The Israeli Settler Colonial State and the Question of Democracy vs. Security in Egypt”.

ISA’s 59th Annual Convention hosted more than 5000 participant, and it cantered around the theme, “Power of Rules and Rule of Power”.

Representing 100 countries, ISA has over 6,500 members worldwide and is the most respected and widely known scholarly association in the field of International Relations.

For more information on ISA visit: https://www.isanet.org/Conferences/San-Francisco-2018

Annual Asia & The Middle East Conference

Ms. Aida Yehia, assistant lecturer at the political science dept, presented her paper "Iran-Saudi “Race Against Time” at the Annual Asia & the Middle East conference in Krakow, Poland.

Annual Asia & The Middle East Conference

Aida 1
Aida 2

US vs IS: The visual discourse of extremism at Bibliotecha Alexandria

Dr. Lawrie Phillips presented a paper at the Bibliotheca in Alexandria titled 'US vs IS: The visual discourse of extremism'. The presentation focused on visual similarities and differences between US and IS recruitment strategies, claiming that both groups use the discourse of extremism in the sense of framing the other side as the Other/the Enemy. The paper is based on two post-modern theoretical insights into the power and nature of the visual image: the issue of spectatorship (Huxford 2008; Debord 1967) and the issue of the sublime (Longinus 1906; Burke 1998; Žižek1998). Two audio-visual case studies (Operation Iraq Freedom 2015 and Al-Gharuba/The Chosen Few 2014) provided insight into the use of visual images in the US discourse of Freedom and in the IS discourse of Islam, concluding that the US distances itself from the violence that it is using to promote its interests but that IS in contrast embraces violence and martyrdom.

Scholarly Collaboration

The DAAD Kairo Akademie sponsored  “Scholarly Collaboration” workshop by Prof. Maha Bali (The American University in Cairo) on Wednesday, 4th April 2018 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm at the premises of British University in Egypt BUE. Target group of the DKA modules are academics, scientists and researchers affiliated to universities and research institutes in Egypt. Description of the module is available under: http://dka.daadcairo.org/node/575

daad logo egypt original
IMG 0084 002


  • Ms. Menna Taher was awarded a scholarship to the Free University in Berlin by the DAAD this September, and she will be going in January.

  • Ms. Bassant Hassib was granted a GERSS scholarship by the DAAD - Summer 2015, to do part of her PhD in Germany. She was a guest researcher at Arnold Bergstraesser Institut (ABI), University of Freiburg, from 15 May to 14 September 2015.

Guest Speakers in Seminars

  • Ms. Bassant Hassib was a guest speaker for a public seminar titled “Same Procedure as Last Time? A Review of the EU–Egypt Relations”. The Seminar was held at Arnold Bergstraesser Institut (ABI), University of Freiburg, on 6 July 2015.

  • Ms. Bassant Hassib was selected to take part in the first “Frankfurt Peace Academy for Regional Order, Arms Control, and Disarmament in the Middle East/Gulf” – 18-22 October 2015, Frankfurt. It was organised by Academic Peace Orchestra Middle East and Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF).

World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies (WOCMES 2014)

Dr. Gamal

The Fourth World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies (WOCMES) was held in Ankara

(Turkey) from 18th to 22nd August, 2014. After the highly successful experiences of

The three previous WOCMES meetings held in Mainz (Germany) in 2002, in Amman (Jordan) in 2006, and in Barcelona (Spain) in 2010, WOCMES Ankara brought this unique event to the Eastern Mediterranean region. The World Congress sought to address questions, exchange and explore information on the Middle East in the broadest sense.

Several members of the political science department at BUE participated in the conference and presented their research in different panels on Egyptian and Middle Eastern politics. These include Dr.Maha Ghalwash, Dr.Lawrie Phillips, Dr.Gamal Selim, Dr.Maria Sottimano, Dr.Robert Mason and Dr.Efdal El-Saket.

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