Ziad Khalifa  

Dr. Ziad Khalifa

Programme Director


  • Email: ziad.khalifa@bue.edu.eg
  • Building: A
  • Employee type: Full-time
  • Extension Number: 2401
  • Room: 303
  • Education History: Dr. Khalifa completed his undergraduate studies, M.Sc. and Ph.D. at Cairo University. His research interests lie in the area of physical chemistry, ranging from theory to application. His primary research areas of interest include preparation of organic conductive polymer film with excellent environmental resistance, high conductivity, and transparency to deliver both high electronic conductivity and excellent workability specific to polymer materials that applied in biochemical sensors, electrolytic condensers, and batteries. In recent years, he has focused on reducing the global E-waste crises by developing new eco-friendly route for recycling of used printed circuit boards, which reduce the hazardous and maximize the benefits of this synthetic ores. He has collaborated actively with researchers in several other disciplines of chemistry and engineering, particularly energy on problems at green energy generation.
  • Bio: Dr. Khalifa is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Petroleum Engineering and Gas Technology at the British University in Egypt where he has been a faculty member since 2015. He is his department's Programme Director. Prior to coming to the BUE, he worked in several research projects and taught several chemistry and environmental science courses in several national and international universities.

    Dr. Khalifa has been worked for UNEP and EU in many development projects for the assessment and the control of pollution in the Mediterranean region and Asia. In order to foster change in developing countries, Ziad has developed a solid toolkit of training and process facilitation, centered on an interest-based training skill set. He has been providing training for government officials, industrial professionals and civil servants. His process facilitation skills include joint brainstorming, capacity building, awareness raising, relationship mapping, and sustainable management.

    During his extensive work with multi-disciplinary research groups, Dr. Khalifa acquire the skills and knowledge of develop methods and equipment to study chemical compounds, test chemical samples to determine their make-up and properties, think of ways to make new chemical compounds, knowledge of how to safely handle, store and produce large quantities of chemicals, coordinate research and development activities, defined technical directions, leadership and team working skills. He publish articles in many scientific journals, lecture and supervise M.Sc. and Ph.D. students. He has served on many national and international conference and workshop program committees.

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