Ramadan Emara  

Dr. Ramadan Emara

Academic Staff


  • Email: Ramadan.emara@bue.edu.eg
  • Building: Extension Building E
  • Employee type: Full-time
  • Extension Number: 1495
  • Room: 10
  • Education History:

    Dr. Emara earned his B.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering in 2000 from AL-Azhar University, followed by M.Sc. in 2005 from the same school in "Multiphase Flow". Dr. Emara Earned his PhD in "Numerical Reservoir Simulation" from State Oil Academy in Azerbaijan.

  • Bio:

    In 2002, Dr. Emara joined the Petroleum & Mining Engineering department at Faculty of Engineering, Al-Azhar University as a demonstrator. Where he assisted in teaching several courses. Dr Emara obtained his M Sc. degree in "Multiphase flow" from the same faculty in 2005. After which he joined the PhD program at the State Oil Academy in Azerbaijan. In 2010, Dr Emara obtained his PhD titled "Increasing of Oil Fields Development Efficiency on the Base of Multidimensional Numerical Simulation of the oil Recovery Processes ". After returning back to Egypt, he was appointed as a Lecture at Faculty of Engineering, Al-Azhar University. In 2012, Dr Emara joined the BUE as Part time Lecturer. He taught several courses such as Petroleum economics. In 2014, Dr Emara decided to join the full time staff at BUE where he became a contributing member to the staff development committee. Currently, he is teaching Reservoir Engineering 2 and Reservoir Fluid Properties. In addition, Dr Emara continued to act as an instructor of several in-house workshops offered for engineers working in the oil field including Applied Reservoir Simulation Using Petrel / ECLIPSE, EOS/PVT Analysis Using PVTi, Multiphase Flow Using PIPESIM and Petroleum Economics.

  • Fields of Interest:

    Numerical reservoir simulation

    Oil fields development

  • Projects Supervised:

    EOS Calibration of an Oil Sample

    Water Critical Coning Rate

    Reserves Estimation by Probabilistic Approach

    Computer program for determination of equilibrium phase by EOS

  • Research projects:



  • Responsibilities:

    Staff Development Coordinator


"Development of numerical reservoir simulator and analysis of vertical and horizontal well behaviors in and oil reservoir" 11th International Conference on Mining, Petroleum and Metallurgical Engineering (MPM 11) 15-19 March 2009 Sharm El-Sheikh, page 63-71.

"Development of a new inflow performance relationship for solution gas drive wells." // Azerbaijani oil industry 2009, №7, стр.35-38

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