One Belt, One Road Initiative Workshop

Cairo, March 17, 2019- The British University in Egypt organized a high-level workshop aimed to bring together government officials, diplomats, academics and policy-oriented experts from both Egypt and China to present their views and visions on this important Initiative that will connect Asia to Africa and Europe along the lines of the old Silk Road. Among the invited guests by the BUE were keynote speakers such as HE Ambassador Khaled Tharwat, Assistant Foreign Minister for Asian Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Kamali; Deputy Minister of Planning, Monitoring and Administrative Reform; HE Mr. Li Dong; Minister Counselor; Embassy of the People’s Republic of China; Prof. He Wenping; representing the Chinese government and the Chinese Academy for Social Science, Prof. Long Ding; University of International Business and Economics (China),Dr. Ahmed Antar; Deputy Minister for Trade, and Professor Dr. Ali El Din Helal who chaired and moderated the second session.

At the outset of the event, Mr. Mohamed Farid Khamis the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University made a statement and distributed some important working documents and statistics explaining and focusing on measures to maximize Egypt’s benefits from this initiative.

The speakers throughout the panels, presented their perspectives on China’s Initiative in terms of its origins, motivations, its potential implications for Egypt with regard to opportunities and/or challenges, as well as its implications for an emerging Egyptian-Chinese strategic partnership. At the end of the workshop, a positive interactive feedback was received from all participants who concluded the sessions with fruitful outcomes and a plethora of recommendations.

The Faculty of Business Administration, Economics and Political Science (BAEPS), headed by Dean Wadouda Badran, incorporating the faculty and students are preparing a summary of this workshop including a synopsis of the recommendations and conclusions. The Centre for Egypt and Middle East (CEMES) is proud to assist in the organization and thematic arrangement of this workshop.

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