Sustainable Development Trends and Challenges at the British University in Egypt.

The Research Centre for Innovation, Governance & Green Economy (CIGGE) and the Faculty of Business Administration, Economics and Political Science (BAEPS), at the British University in Egypt in collaboration with the Centre for Economic & Financial Research & Studies (CEFRS) at Faculty of Economics & Political Science (FEPS) at Cairo University hosted the Sustainable development seminar on the 17th of February, 2019 at the BUE Campus.

Sustainable development is the name of the game of this century as it is an enlightened venue to cross new trends and challenges of a period of economic, political, social, and environmental volatility.

To this end, two important areas needed extensive research from scholars, namely the area of Sustainability Reporting to ensure performance efficiency, as well as the area of Total Factor Productivity. This seminar tackled both areas from an extensive research perspective to highlight to
policy makers the most important challenges faced by companies and industries in Egypt.

Professor Ahmed Hamad the BUE President and Professor Wadouda Badran Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration, Economics, and Political Science at BUE welcomed the attendees.

Followed by presentation by Professor Ahmed Ghoneim, former Cultural Counselor of Egypt in Berlin and Vienna, on how to bridge the gap between Cultural Diplomacy and Sustainable Development, then a discussion session by the esteemed guests: Professor Adla Ragab, Director of CEFRS, FEPS at Cairo University, Professor Wael Kortam, Head of the Business Administration Department, Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University and Professor Hala Sakr, Professor of Economics, FEPS, Cairo University. Associate Professor Zeinab Younis the director of the CIGGE closed the session with an open invitation for mutual research and collaboration between the two educational institutions.

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