Dr. Reza Baqir visit to the British University in Egypt.

In cooperation with the Faculty of BAEPS and Dean Wadouda Badran, CEMES, arranged a lecture entitled “The IMF and Egypt’s Economic Reform Program”, by Dr. Reza Baqir; Senior International Monetary Fund Resident Representative to Egypt .

At the outset of the visit, Dr. Reza Baqir held a meeting with Professor Dr. Ahmed Hamad, the President of BUE, Prof. Yehia Bahy El Din; Vice President for Research and Post Graduate Studies, Prof. Leslie Croxford; Senior Vice President for Teaching and Learning, Dr. Wadouda Badran; Dean of the Faculty of BAEPS & Ambassador Dr. Mahmoud Karem; Director of the Centre for Egypt and ME Studies in which they discussed potential areas of cooperation with the IMF Office in Egypt in terms of providing internship programs to BUE students.The meetings also discussed how BUE builds employability and secures job markets in its own curricula.

Following the meeting, Dr. Baqir delivered a lecture at the Faculty of Business Administration, Economics and Political Science. At the beginning, Dr. Baqir referred to the history of the IMF and how it was founded toward the end of World War II citing efforts at the time to avoid a repetition of disastrous economic policies and the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Dr. Baqir also highlighted the role of the IMF in fostering global growth and economic stability by providing policy advice, financing developing nations to achieve macroeconomic stability and reduce poverty, in addition to its role in fighting money laundering. Encouraged by an intervention from one of our students the speaker pinpointed the difference between the IMF and the World Bank.

In Conclusion the speaker added that Egypt has successfully achieved economic progress with a record a growth rate of 5.5 in 2019, compared to 4.2 in 2017 according to the IMF reports, while praising Egypt’s courageous decision to instill a sound economic reform program in a short period of time.

After the lecture, students engaged in a robust discussion with Dr. Baqir who was impressed with the knowledge of the students.

Dr. Baqir concluded his visit with a library &campus Tour.

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