The British University in Egypt and the Faculty of Dentistry hosted a huge scientific event targeting a fine specialty in Dental field and Endodontics that was held in the BUE auditorium and sponsored by Eventova and Bibodent Dental supply.

The event was attended by 300 candidates and was held on three consecutive days, where clinical live recordings with simulated clinical conditions focused on all the therapeutic stages that could be confronted and how to illuminate it.

The first two days were specialized for who were facing mishaps, the third day was a hands-on workshop that included 100 participants who were monitored by over 20 specialized doctors that were assigned from the Faculty of Dentistry at the BUE.

Feedback from this amazing event was prominent as participants were able to share problems, concerns and even professional development management with the lecturing professors.

This was a successful event by all means and one of the best Endodontic meetings hosted by the BUE, where it focused on hosting fine highly specialised educational participants who helped in spreading the latest of the technological advances and innovations, along with the elite of experienced professors that helped to convey the message to postgraduate and undergraduate students.

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