Hybrid electric vehicle competition held at Sahl Hashish 22-24 March 2018.

The Global Hybrid Electric Challenge in Egypt (GHEC-E) is a hands-on educational program for institutions of higher learning in Egypt with engineering, science, technology and business management programs. Student teams apply engineering design principles and strategy to construct and race full-size electric and hybrid-electric cars. The primary goal of the competition is to provide a hands-on environment in which the students apply what they learn in the classroom to devise real-world solutions. The project also helps improve their understanding of renewable energy technologies and project management while working in a team environment. Other aspects of the program involve marketing, PR and fundraising as well as logistics planning in preparation for the races. The adoption of this program in Egypt serves as an excellent venue for young men and women in engineering and business management to better prepare themselves for their careers in industry.

Contributing teams in 2018
1) Abu Dhabi University.
2) Abu Dhabi Polytechnic.
3) South Valley University.
4) Tanta University.
5) Helwan University.
6) Mansoura University.
7) Zewail University.
8) BUE.

Positions earned by BUE in 2018:
1. 2nd Place Day 1. (Abu Dhabi Polytechnic 1st Place).
2. 2nd Place Day 2. (Abu Dhabi University 1st Place).
3. 2nd Place overall.
4. Best Presentation. (Only one prize earned by BUE)
5. Prize for Technical Innovation. (Only one prize earned by BUE)
6. Prize for Fastest Qualifying Team. (Only one prize earned by BUE)

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