ICS Video Games Competition

For three consecutive years, the Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science at the BUE has organized a contest to choose the best video games, where the students of the third year have designed 40 video games, using the latest technology in dual-& three-dimensional design programming, through the design and programming material. The systems that were used in the creation of the video games were being instructed by Dr Nahla Barakat, as well as the organization of the contest, which makes the Faculty of Informatics and Computer science at the British University in Egypt the First Faculty to teach these advanced techniques competing with the best universities worldwide.

Among the 40 teams, only ten were qualified to compete on the First and Second Positions. The evaluation was mainly on the design of the games, as well as the votes of their colleagues and Faculty staff, who experimented and tried these games. The competition was very competitive among the teams, because of their creativity in designing and programming these games. All the attendees including students and Faculty professors praised the student’s creations.

The winning teams were announced in the presence of Professor Ahmed Hamad the BUE President, Professor Omar Karam the Dean of the Faculty of ICS and all members of the teaching Staff, where winning teams were awarded a Golden and silver medals along with financial rewards and an appreciation certificates for the performance.

The Games that won the First place were:

“Finding Hanafy” by the students: Karim Salah, Amr Morsi, Shahab El-Deen Ayman, and Abdulrahman Zakaria.“Black Valentine” by the students: Ahmed Sabbagh, Yousef Al-Nimr, Abdulrahman Sedki and Abdel Rahman Jamal.

The games that won the Second place were:“Tymo” by the students Michael Ranif, Mohamed Harfosh, and Moaz Ayman.

“The Dawn of misery” by the students: Engi Samir, Wafaa Emad, and Yehya El-sawy.




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