Mr Miguel Moratinos delivered a lecture at BUE

The BUE welcomed Mr. Miguel Moratinos, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain, Former EU Special Envoy to the Middle East, UNSG Candidate for Alliance for Civilization and BUE Member of the board of trustees.

Mr. Moratinos held a meeting with Professor Ahmed Hamad, the President of the BUE, Professor Leslie Croxford, Senior Vice President for Learning & Teaching, Professor Wadouda Badran, Dean of the Faculty of BAEPS and Ambassador Dr. Mahmoud Karem, Director of the Centre of Egypt and ME Studies. During the meeting, they discussed the possibility of opening channels of cooperation between the British University in Egypt and leading Universities in Spain.

Following the meeting, Mr Moratinos delivered an outstanding lecture to Political Science Students and BAEPS Staff entitled “Do Arabs still Consider Europe as a Strategic Ally?, where he pinpointed the historic relationship between the ME, the Arab world, and Europe and the importance of history in understanding present positions and diplomacy referring to the ups and downs in their relationship throughout history. He also highlighted the Islamic contributions to Europe. Mr. Moratinos added that the Future of Arab and European relationship is integral and cannot be weakened or separated asking both to work together toward a consolidated foreign policy that serves their common interests in various aspects whether in the socio-economic fields or the security level. Mr. Moratinos was glad to receive questions from the students who showed great interest in the topic of the lecture.

It is worth mentioning that the event was organized by the Centre of Egypt and ME studies headed by Ambassador Dr .Mahmoud Karem and in collaboration with the Department of Political Science under the Supervision of Professor Wadouda Badran, Dean of the Faculty of BAEPS