H.E Minister of Education Dr. Tarek Shawky attends the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards Ceremony at the BUE

The BUE was honoured to host H.E the Minister of Education, who was welcomed by the University President Professor Ahmed Hamad and the University Vice President for Research and Post Graduate Studies Professor Yehia Bahei- EL-Din.

H.E The Minister of Education attended the outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards Ceremony which was hosted by the BUE in the auditorium on the 10th of March 2018.

This Ceremony was held for the recognition of the exceptional learner achievements, “Top in Country”, “Best Across “and “High Achievement” for those who take Cambridge examinations around the world.

The Ceremony started by a speech from the Minister of Education Dr Tarek Shawky, Jeff Streeter, Director of British Council in Egypt, Janet Morris, Director of International Network at Cambridge International and the final speech was for Professor Ahmed Hamad the BUE President followed by the Certificates and Awards distribution.


Mr Miguel Moratinos delivered a lecture at BUE

The BUE welcomed Mr. Miguel Moratinos, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain, Former EU Special Envoy to the Middle East, UNSG Candidate for Alliance for Civilization and BUE Member of the board of trustees.

Mr. Moratinos held a meeting with Professor Ahmed Hamad, the President of the BUE, Professor Leslie Croxford, Senior Vice President for Learning & Teaching, Professor Wadouda Badran, Dean of the Faculty of BAEPS and Ambassador Dr. Mahmoud Karem, Director of the Centre of Egypt and ME Studies. During the meeting, they discussed the possibility of opening channels of cooperation between the British University in Egypt and leading Universities in Spain.

Following the meeting, Mr Moratinos delivered an outstanding lecture to Political Science Students and BAEPS Staff entitled “Do Arabs still Consider Europe as a Strategic Ally?, where he pinpointed the historic relationship between the ME, the Arab world, and Europe and the importance of history in understanding present positions and diplomacy referring to the ups and downs in their relationship throughout history. He also highlighted the Islamic contributions to Europe. Mr. Moratinos added that the Future of Arab and European relationship is integral and cannot be weakened or separated asking both to work together toward a consolidated foreign policy that serves their common interests in various aspects whether in the socio-economic fields or the security level. Mr. Moratinos was glad to receive questions from the students who showed great interest in the topic of the lecture.

It is worth mentioning that the event was organized by the Centre of Egypt and ME studies headed by Ambassador Dr .Mahmoud Karem and in collaboration with the Department of Political Science under the Supervision of Professor Wadouda Badran, Dean of the Faculty of BAEPS


The Faculty of Law won the Media Law Moot Court Competition prize - Oxford 2018.

The Faculty of Law won the first place in the Media Law Moot Court Competition in its Middle East Regional Rounds, where the students have been qualified to the Internationals - Oxford 2018.

British University in Egypt won the First Place in the National Patient Counselling Competition for the 3rd Consecutive year.

The Pharmaceutical Student Simona Sallam registered in the Fifth Year in the Faculty of Pharmacy, won the first rank in the “National Patient Counselling Competition” which was held at Cairo University in January 2018.

The competition was organized by the Egyptian Pharmaceutical Students Federation, where Students from both governmental and private Pharmacy Faculties participated.

It is worth mentioning that two of our Pharmacy graduates won the international Patient Counselling Competition before. Omar Ibrahim Badr who won the 1st place in Zimbabwe 2016, and Zainab Amr who won the 3rd place in the same competition that was held in Taiwan 2017.


The British University in Egypt hosted a delegation from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Education

On December 28th 2017, the British University in Egypt received an official delegation from the Ministry of Education from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, headed by the Secretary of the Ministry of Education for Educational Affairs, Dr. Hamad Bin Nasser and the Saudi Cultural attaché Dr. Khalid Bin Abdullah, the Councillor Dr. Husain Bin Tash Niazi Deputy Minister of Education and Academic Affairs of the Mission of the Saudi Culture. BUE President Professor Ahmed Hamad, VP Professor Yehia Bahei-El-Din, along with BUE top management and Deans welcomed the visitors. The visitors attended a presentation about the BUE and its future expansion plans especially in the Faculty of Engineering & Renewable Energy. The visit included a campus tour to the BUE facilities, labs, library, dental and nursing hospitals. The BUE has already received the Saudi cultural attaché as part of a series of meetings to activate the educational partnership framework and cooperation between the two sides aiming to enhance the partnership and future exchange of experience between the BUE and Saudi Universities.


The BUE Graduation Ceremony 2017

On the 9th and 10th of December, 2017, the British University in Egypt held its 9th annual graduation ceremonies, at the BUE Auditorium, celebrating the accomplishments of 1381graduands with their graduation including the First batch of Pharmacy and Dentistry Faculties, the eighth in Engineering Faculty, the sixth in Nursing Faculty, ninth in the Faculty of Business Administration, Economics & Political Science, together with Faculty of Informatics & Computer Science. The BUE was particularly honoured to have as keynote speakers for this year’s graduation ceremony the Minister of Manpower planning Mohamed Safaan, Professor Farouk El-Baz, Professor Mostafa El Sayed and Mr.Mohamed Farid Khamis the Chairman of the Board of Trustees. During His Speech Professor Ahmed Hamad addressed the parents stating that by choosing the BUE you have guaranteed high-quality education for your children as the University offers dual degrees, one accredited form the Ministry of Higher Education in Egypt and the other is from London South Bank University, Loughborough University and Queen Margaret University in the UK as education is the strongest weapon of all times. Many dignitaries attended several of the ceremonies including Bishop Bovly representing Pope Twadrous, Professor Mustafa El Fiki, Mr Jeff Streater Director of the British Council, Sir Charles Clarke and the Honourable Charles Ottway, Deans of the Faculties and staff members.


BUE welcome Party

The BUE Student union has organized the annual welcome party on November the 29th 2017, on BUE Campus. The Super Star Mohamed Hamaki performed in the welcome party by an outstanding performance singing his biggest hits, and if that was not enough DJ Khaled Hussein performed lighting up the stage with their music. Professor Ahmed Hamad the BUE President, pointed to the importance for students to develop their social skills, and emphasizing the continuous support of the BUE, thanking all who helped to organize this event to make this day a success, focusing on the Many positive relations that will exist from the socialization on the student outcomes.

During the welcome party, the Super Star Mohamed Hamaki was awarded among the attendance of many staff members, students and coverage through media channels.



Public Business Sector’s Role in Economic Development

The British University in Egypt (BUE), under the auspices of H. E. Mr. Mohamed Farid Khamis, The Faculty of Business Administration, Economics and Political Science (BAEPS), and The Research Center for Innovation, Governance and Green Economy (CIGGE), presented “Public Business Sector’s Role in Economic Development” forum discussion.
The keynote speech was delivered by H.E. Dr. Ashraf El Sharkawy the Minister of Public Business Sector who addressed the role of the sector in Egyptian Economic Development.
The forum also, aimed at creating a dialogue with Private and Government sector stakeholders on how to foster the Investment and Business climate in Egypt. Hence, a comprehensive analysis was first presented by Professor John Adams, Head of Economics Department at the faculty, to identify where Egypt stands across the world, based on four major international business evaluation indexes. The analysis specifically evaluated Egypt’s position to its comparative economies over the past 10 years. Two panel discussions, followed to provide insights on Egypt’s Investment climate and opportunities. The Government Sector panel included: Mrs. Heba El Serafei, Head Disclosure Division, EGX; Mr. Sherif Samy, Former Chairman, Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority; Dr. Suzanne Hamdy, Senior General Manager and Member of the Executive Committee, Bank Misr; Mr. Ashraf El Khatib, Senior Vice President- Private Equity- NI Capital. The Private Sector panel included: Mr. Seif Fahmy, Chairman of Egyptian National Competitiveness Council (ENCC); Ms. Marwa Mahgoub, private sector specialist, the World Bank; Dr. Ahmed Mokhtar, Managing Director of The National Bank of Kuwait Capital; and Mr. Oliver Richard, UK Embassy, Director for North Africa Department for International Trade (DIT).
The panel discussions concluded with some suggested policies to generate innovative and practical ideas for the country’s future investment road map. Furthermore, it paved the way to initiate a series of future discussions to promote the Investment and Business climate in Egypt as well as enhancing the Public Business Sector’s Role in Economic Development. The forum was held at The British University in Egypt campus, on Sunday November 26th, 2017, and was attended by participants from the governmental and private sector in addition to BUE students and staff who provided insightful discussions and comments to the panelists members.


Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium to Egypt, Visits the BUE

On November 12, 2017, the BUE welcomed HE Ambassador Sibille De Cartier D'yves, the Belgian Ambassador to Egypt. At the outset , Ambassador de Cartier held a meeting with Mr. Farid Khamis, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the BUE, Prof. Ahmed Hamad, BUE President, Ambassador Dr. Mahmoud Karem, Director of the Centre for Egypt and ME Studies, Vice Presidents and Deans. During the meeting, Ambassador de Cartier highlighted the historic relationship between Egypt and Belgium, the strong friendship between both countries and expressed the willingness of Belgium companies in Egypt to boost investment in the country. She also welcomed the suggestion introduced by the Chairman of the BOT to open channels of cooperation between the British University in Egypt and leading universities in Belgium as a gateway to broaden the collaboration between both countries in the educational sector especially that both countries have succeeded in solidifying their partnership in trade & Industry and other vibrant sectors of the economy as well as foreign trade and foreign direct investment. The Chairman of the BOT offered five fully paid scholarships to Belgian Students and encouraged professor and students exchange programs, as well as holding an international conference on promoting higher education as a means of cooperation between both nations.

Following the meeting, HE Ambassador de Cartier delivered a lecture to Political Science Students entitled “Egypt-Belgium Bilateral Relations,” where she demonstrated the solid bilateral ties with Egypt in all sectors and that many Belgium companies operate in Egypt. She also referred to the cultural exchange between both countries pinpointing the relation between Egypt and EU on the socio economic level. The ambassador was glad to receive comments and questions from the students and answered them all in a two hours meeting.

The visit was concluded by a campus tour to the Library and the school and labs of Dentistry where she exhibited genuine admiration for the digital state of the art library and the newest equipments in the dental hospital.


International Exhibition and Conference for Infrastructure In Africa and the Middle East

The British University in Egypt and Farouk ElBaz Center participated in the INFRA exhibition that was held on the 17th till the 19th of November, 2017 at the Cairo International Convention Centre. This exhibition involved so many companies with a great history in the infrastructure field where each company shared their knowledge, techniques, and experience in their field with the new technologies they achieved. Together the BUE and Farouk Elbaz center for sustainability and future studies participated in the area of infrastructure as the only academic institution, as Farouk ElBaz Center provided a booth for the contribution of the university to the market need that involved new ideas in the academic level for creating a new way of learning for the students and to make their graduation projects valuable by research and meeting the market needs. However, the British University has a new scope of education that shows a great respect for the society and community around the academic environment. BUE team Arch. Radwa ElMaghraby, Eng. Islam Mohamed, Dr Hassan Refaat, Mr Shady Nady and two graduate engineers were at the exhibition showing their interventions through the graduation projects and they found a great respect from the audience and a great support from the companies. And this what we can call a successful cycle for education and careers to support the society. In parallel with the exhibition, Farouk Elbaz centre held a scientific Conference and discussion for many topics related to the infrastructure among 3 sessions along the 3 days of the event. Prof Ahmed Rashed was the moderator of the sessions among the Event.

First session title “Sustainable infrastructure of new urban communities”
 Keynote speakers:
• Prof. Khaled El Zahaby
• Dr Hend Farouh
• Prof. Ayman Ashour

Second session with title" Suez Canal Project and one and a half million acres"
 Keynote speakers:
• Prof. Ayman Abou Hadid
• Prof. Salah Arafa
• Dr Hesham Safwat

The third session with title "Challenges and opportunities for sustaining infrastructure in Egypt, Africa, and the Middle East"
 Keynote speakers:
• Prof. Mohamed Youssef
• Prof. Sameh Nouman
• Dr Tarek Hatem


The British University in Egypt hosts the African Union Technical Committee for Education, Science and Technology.

In the light of strengthening the relation between Egypt and Africa Continent, a delegation of the members of a specialized Technical Committee for Education, Science and Technology of the African Union had made a courtesy visit to the British University in Egypt.

Professor Ahmed Hamad, BUE President and Professor Yehia Bahei-El-Din, Vice President for Research and Postgraduate Studies, Ambassador Mona Omar, Director of the African Research Centre, Deans of the Faculties and BUE representatives welcomed the honourable guests and participated in several discussions and exchanged mutual education. The guests were invited to a campus tour and concluded the visit by wishing to further between both entities.


International challenges and opportunities in Higher Education: The contribution British Universities Can Make

Higher education around the world is changing rapidly and universities face major challenges including increased global competition, rapid technological change and changing work skills and patterns. The British University in Egypt (BUE) and its partner, London South Bank University (LSBU), intend to contribute to addressing these issues and are co-hosting a conference to discuss these challenges and the contribution that British and Egyptian universities can make.

Speakers will include the Rt Hon Charles Clarke (BUE Board member and UK Secretary of State for Education and Skills2002-2004), Professor Ahmed Hamad the President of the British University in Egypt, Baroness Pauline Perry and Professor David Phoenix, VC and CEO of LSBU.