Enactus BUE

For the 5th years on row, Enactus Egypt chose the British University in Egypt to organize the annual gathering to be held at the University Campus in Al- Shrouk City from the 1st. & the 3rd. of February 2016.
The BUE student activity and Well fare department have decided to celebrate the Mother’s day on their own way and that was by spending a full day in an Elderly home last Saturday March 12, the theme of their visit was to “ party” with them , and hoped that through their Actions , other students would be encouraged to share their love and show their care to the elderly often.
The students spent a good portion of time listening and talking with the residents of the elderly house , presenting gifts and partied with them.
Through sharing time with these seniors , the BUE student's said that they had learnt much from the words of wisdom of the elderly.
The visit ended with joy and the BUE students left with heart full of gratitude.

Hebta Came to Life on the BUE Theater

Under the supervision of the Student Activities and welfare Department; the Student Union, Art Committee with “Pause Club” hosted the “Hebta” novel written by the great author “Mohamed Sadeq” and the acting crew “Bon Mehaweg”, who joined forces to lighten up the BUE Auditorium.

BUE Celebrates Mothers’ Day on Campus

The Student Activities and Welfare department had honoured our female support staff under the supervision of the University and Student Union where they celebrated the Mothers’ Day on BUE campus .


The British University in Egypt is delighted to announce that Abdelrahman Abdelhakim, student of the Faculty of Computer Science, has been awarded a Gold Medal for single players for males Badminton Championships, moreoverAbdelrahman has got the title of "Best player of the tournament"..