The British University in Egypt (BUE) hosted the African Group of Ambassadors in Egypt on March 20th, 2019. Mr. Mohamed Farid Khamis the Chairman of the BUE Board of Trustees welcomed the Ambassador of Cameroon in his capacity as the Dean of the Group, the other members of the Group and the Permanent Representative of the African Union at the Arab League of State at a meeting that was attended by Prof. Dr. Ahmed Hamad the BUE President, the Vice Presidents, the Deans of the Faculties and Directors of a number of Centres attached to the University. At the meeting Mr. Mohamed Farid Khamis underlined the importance that the University gives to Africa and African issues since the creation of the University in 2004 and particularly since the creation of the Egypt / Africa Centre that plays an important role in the development of relations between Egypt and the African Continent and referred to the two Seminars that the Centre organized recently  on the Latest Developments in the Horn of Africa Region and the Red Sea Security held on December 3rd , 2018 and on Egypt and Africa : Issues and Interactions held on January 28th ,2019. Mr. Khamis referred to his pervious announcements pertaining to scholarships offered by the BUE and M.F. Khamis Foundation to African Students to study at the BUE and El Sherouk Academy  hoping that African Countries and through their Ambassadors resident in Egypt will make the best use of such Scholarships in the future. He also exchanged views with the Group of African Ambassadors on ways and means to develop the relationship that exist between the University and the Group in the coming period. At the meeting Prof. Dr. Ahmed Hamad the BUE President gave a summary on the University development process and achievements in different fields, mainly the scientific research, a matter that explains why the BUE was ranked during the last four successive years as the first toping all Private Universities in Egypt accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities according to the International Ranking of Universities. He also referred to the opening in 2018 of the Energy and Environmental Engineering Faculty as the tenth faculty at the BUE and the opening recently of the Nano Technology Research Centre which is the fifteenth centre attached to the University as well as the opening of the Science and Innovation Park. The BUE President referred to the initiation at the Political Sciences Department at the Business Administration, Economics and Political Sciences Faculty of a full course on Africa. He also referred to the allocation of prizes to the three best researches on Africa submitted by the students of that Department.             
The African Ambassadors later made a tour of the BUE Campus where they visited the Dentistry Hospital, the Faculty of Nursing and the Library, after which a lunch was offered by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees in honor of the African Ambassadors.
A seminar on Egypt and Africa: issues and interactions was held at the British University in Egypt, Dr Boutros Ghali’s Hall, on January 28th, 2019, in cooperation between Egypt/Africa Centre at the BUE and Al-Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies. The Seminar was attended by Officials, specialists, Businessman, Academicians, Researchers, Civil Society and Media figures and Intellectuals. On the Agenda the following topics were discussed:
1-International and African initiatives: opportunities and challenges. Participants discussed as well the African Union vision for 2063, Chinese development mechanism Worldwide.
2-Egyptian African economic cooperation were also discussed the challenges pertaining to the Scarcity of water resources and their implications on African development and the scenarios for the future. Also discussed new energy issues in Africa and the role of the private sector.
3-The role of civil society in the development of Egyptian African relations.  Equally discussed the role of Egyptian Academia and research centres in the development of relations with their peers in Africa, the Egyptian African media cooperation and the role of Egyptian Relief Agencies in the African continent.

The Seminar was held under the patronage of Mr Mohamed Farid Khamis the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the BUE. As for the inaugural session, it was attended by Dr Osama El-zaher, President of the Central Department of the Minister of Water resources and irrigation office affaires who represented the Minister at Seminar, H.E. Ambassador Khaled Emara, Assistant foreign Minister, Prof Dr Ahmed Hamad, President of the BUE and Prof Dr Amani El-Taweel , Assistant Director of Al-Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies.

"The British University in Egypt discusses the Developments of the Horn of Africa and the Security of the Red Sea".    Under the Patronage of Mr Mohamed Farid Khamis the Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the BUE, the BUE President Professor Ahmed Hamad . The Ambassador Aly El-Hefny, Director of Egypt / Africa Center at the British University in cooperation with the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs has organized a conference to discuss the latest developments in the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea Security, which was held at Boutros – Ghali Hall on the 3rd of December, 2018. Important topics were discussed during the conference related to the latest developments, its implications and the challenges to stability in the Horn of Africa, the rational management of Arab-African interests in light of the new reality, the future of security in the Red Sea region and the risks of stability to the security of the Red Sea. The conference was attended by HE Dr. Mounir Zahran, Chairman of the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Abu Bakr Hefni, Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Dr. Said Fleifel Former chairman of the African Affairs Committee of the Egyptian parliament and member of the African Parliaments, a group of Nasser Military Academy senior experts, Dr. Amani Al-Tawil, expert at Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies, and a gathering of public figures and politicians."