Going Global 2018

The BUE participated in Going Global 2018 from 2-4 May 2018. The BUE Research Team (Prof Shadia Fahim, Dr Mohamad Saad and Dr Rania M Rafik Khalil) shared the findings of their research “Perceptions of Syrian Refugees on Higher Education” on the 3 May 2018 in the session titled Refugees in tertiary education: global challenge, local responses from 9:30-10:45 am. Dr Mohamad Saad was the speaker at the conference on behalf of the BUE and the research team.
The research is funded by the British Council, UK and the UNHCR with a total of $52,052 as external research funding. The session was chaired by Gail Campbell, Director of Education – MENA, British Council, Egypt. The research has been ongoing for 8 months, two stages have been completed and is currently still in progress.
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The British University in Egypt hosted the First International Conference on Network Technology.

The Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science at the British University in Egypt welcomed Scientists, Researchers, Professors and Doctoral students through over 16 countries to share Knowledge Engineering and the latest in Computer Science and Networking research.

The 7th International Conference on Software and Information Engineering (www.icsie.org) and the 1st International Conference on Network Technology (www.icnt.org) were held at the BUE from May 2nd to 4th 2018. Extensive programs of interest to Academia, Government and Industry were offered, discussed through several distinguished keynote speakers. The Conferences were chaired by Professor Samir Abou El-Seoud, Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science and the Honorary Chair of the conferences was Professor Ahmed Hamad, BUE President.

Prof. Omar Karam, Dean of the Faculty and member of the Advisory Committee said that 45 papers were presented and will be published in the conferences’ proceedings, which will be submitted to Ei Compendex, Scopus Index, etc.

International Speakers were Prof. Magne Jørgensen from the Simula Research Laboratory in Norway. Prof. Hesham H. Ali, The Dean of College of Information Science & Technology, University of Nebraska Omaha, USA and Prof. Christopher Nwosisi, The College of Westchester and Pace University New York, USA.


Arts & Humanities Day

The Faculty of Arts & Humanities held the 2nd Arts and Humanities Day on April 22, from 2-4 pm at the BUE Auditorium. The event was attended by the BUE President, Professor Ahmed Hamad and the Dean of the Faculty, Professor Shadia Fahim, the Heads of Departments, Professor Maha Emara and Dr Mohamed Saad, academic staff and parents.

BUE Honored by the League of Arab States (LAS) in the Final Ceremonies of the Integrated Simulation Program on the 21 of April, 2018

BUE received a Certificate of Award and Appreciation from the LAS for its active contribution in preparing and conducting the Integrated Simulation Program for the LAS from December 2017 to April 2018.

BUE students from the Faculty of BAEPS presented an academic project underscoring and proposing developments in Arab Cultural and Educational Systems, listing not only descriptive problems but also proposing Prescriptive means to overcome and remedy these shortcomings. The Students’ project also suggested underlying parallels in our interdependent, global system, proposing an Arab Cultural Youth Annual Conference. These recommendations by our BUE students received the highest acclaim.


Prep Year Extra-Curricular Activity Semester Two, 2017-2018 Renaissance Literature and Culture Module

The Department of English Language and Literature at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities took Prep Year students to attend the theatrical performance of Mohamed Sobhy’s Ghazal El-Banat on Thursday, 12th April 2018. That event took place at his theatre in Sonbol City, Alexandria road. Professor Shadia Fahim, Dean of the Faculty, and other staff members accompanied the students. The play was greatly enjoyed by all and photos were taken with Sobhy after the performance ended. At the beginning of the following lecture of the Renaissance Literature and Culture module, an analysis of the play was discussed with Dr Mervat Shukry, the Module Leader, where the students expressed their critical appreciation of it, identifying its theme, characterisation and dramatic techniques.


Prof. Steven Blockmans delivered a lecture at BUE

The British University in Egypt welcomed HE Ambassador James Moran, Former EU Ambassador to Egypt, BUE Board Member & Associate Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for European Policy Studies, and Prof. Stevens Blockmans, Director of the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPES), Brussels. The Centre, well established in the Heart of Europe, covers all European Policy areas and provide insights and prospective solutions for EU Policy through research, publications and events. At the outset, the guests held a meeting with Prof. Dr Ahmed Hamad, BUE President and Dean Wadouda Badran, Dean of (BAEPS), and Ambassador Dr Mahmoud Karem, Director of the Centre for Egypt and ME Studies. In that meeting, both explored potential areas of cooperation between the British University in Egypt and the Centre for European Policy Studies.

Following the meeting, Ambassador James Moran and Prof. Steven Blockmans delivered a lecture to Political Science Students entitled “ EU-Egypt Relations in Perspective.” Prof. Blockmans gave a thorough history of the European Union, its evolution and how it works. He also referred to the “European Neighborhood Policy,” revised in November 2015 with Southern & Eastern neighbours to foster stabilization, security in line with EU foreign and Security Policy. Afterwards, Ambassador Moran gave an insightful presentation in which he reconfirmed the leading role of Egypt in achieving peace in the MENA region and added that the EU will continue to support Egypt in addressing current challenges such as economic reforms, good governance, rapid population growth, attracting foreign investment and reducing the unemployment rate.

Amb. Moran has also highlighted that the EU is very keen to work closely with Egypt on areas of mutual interests and to open close dialogue with Egypt on some of the current political challenges such as illegal migration, Islamophobia, energy needs, and terrorism.. etc.

The lecture was also attended by Mrs.Rania Aurag, Head of the European Affairs Department at the League of Arab States. Mrs Aurag also stated that the relations between EU and LAS experienced a new momentum to better address shared challenges and opportunities.

After the lecture, the students engaged in a robust, transparent discussion with the guests who were truly impressed with the extensive knowledge of BUE students.

It is worth mentioning that the event was organized by the Centre of Egypt and ME studies in collaboration with the Department of Political Science under the Supervision of Prof Wadouda |Badran, Dean of the Faculty of BAEPS.


The British University in Egypt celebrates the Annual International Day.

The British University in Egypt in collaboration with Multicultural Club and the Student Union organized the Annual International Day Event, which was held at the BUE campus On April 3rd, 2018.
During the day, the students from the University participated through visiting the different country-stands and gained information on the offered opportunities from other countries, shared some of their culture and information on tourism. The representatives tempted the participants with everything from domestic foods and drinks to henna tattoos and music.

Professor Yehia Bahy El Din the BUE Vice President for Research and Post- graduate studies and many Staff members attended the event and met the embassys’ representatives from different countries like Oman, Jordan and Lebanon.
Twenty Countries represented by embassies, cultural centres and international students were Palestine, Nepal, Thailand, Italy, India, Yemen, Indonesia, Armenia, Libya, Japan, South Korea and China.


The British University in Egypt Ninth Employment /Internship Fair.

The British University in Egypt hosted its Ninth Internship/Employment Fair on Campus, which was on 31st of March and 1st of April, 2018. Most of the National and Multinational reputed companies participated in the event aiming to provide different jobs for Alumni, and several internship opportunities offered to all BUE students. Lots of Alumni and Undergraduates were satisfied, as they found their best career and submitted their CVs.

‘International Nanotechnology Summit and Nanotechnology Scientists Forum’

It is not a matter of being big, but a matter of being effective”, goes the philosophy behind nanotechnology. As a leading Egyptian university in education and research, the British University in Egypt is proud to host the ‘International Nanotechnology Summit’ that has been organized by the Nanotechnology Research Centre at BUE (NRC- BUE). The event was held under the Patronage of his Excellency the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Egypt, Professor/ Khaled Abd El-Ghafar on 14th and 15th of March 2018. The first day of the event brought together around one thousand of brilliant Egyptian scientists and young researchers from all the universities and research centres to attend and hear from six of the top nanotechnology scientists in the world. The second day of the event entitled; ‘Nanotechnology Scientists Forum’ has taken place at the Four Seasons Hotel in Cairo, in the presence of a number of Egyptian ministers and regulatory authorities representatives.

Farouk ElBaz Centre for Sustainability and Future Studies at the British University in Egypt Organized the Third International Conference of “GREEN HERITAGE: CHANCE – CHANGE – CHALLENGE” From 6th -8th of March 2018 at Cairo, Egypt

The British University in Egypt in collaboration with Farouk El-Baz centre for sustainability and Future Studies organized the Green Heritage Conference. This Conference aimed to present and discuss the ideas of the green heritage and its initiatives shaping a bottom-up approach for supporting the governmental priorities, well as other international and challenges.
The main partner was the Centre of Architecture, Urbanism and Global Heritage from Trent University, UK. Beside other Universities from the UK, that offered keynote speakers that gave a speech at the conference like Leeds University, Leeds Becket University, Northumbria University, and Dundee University.
Mr Mohamed Farid Khamis (the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the British University in Egypt), attended the opening of the conference in the presence of esteemed international and national specialists in several fields, including Heritage, Engineering, Environment, Sustainability, Culture, Education, Preservation, Tourism and Energy. Professor Farouk El-Baz the honorary chairman of FECSFS has sent a video speech to welcome the participants.

The event covered the following pillars of promoting sustainable green heritage projects:

• For Day 1 Panel Discussion under “Civilization Rights Campaign” with ARST) Academy of Scientific Research and Technology
• Day 2 Panel Discussion “The Green Worship Competition “The National Competition for designing a Green worship building organized in collaboration with the (HBRC) Housing & Building National Research Centre.
• Day 3 with Cairo Governorate with dialogue about the conservation and adaptive reuse for the heritage ministerial buildings after moving to the new Capital.


ICS Video Games Competition

For three consecutive years, the Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science at the BUE has organized a contest to choose the best video games, where the students of the third year have designed 40 video games, using the latest technology in dual-& three-dimensional design programming, through the design and programming material. The systems that were used in the creation of the video games were being instructed by Dr Nahla Barakat, as well as the organization of the contest, which makes the Faculty of Informatics and Computer science at the British University in Egypt the First Faculty to teach these advanced techniques competing with the best universities worldwide.

Among the 40 teams, only ten were qualified to compete on the First and Second Positions. The evaluation was mainly on the design of the games, as well as the votes of their colleagues and Faculty staff, who experimented and tried these games. The competition was very competitive among the teams, because of their creativity in designing and programming these games. All the attendees including students and Faculty professors praised the student’s creations.

The winning teams were announced in the presence of Professor Ahmed Hamad the BUE President, Professor Omar Karam the Dean of the Faculty of ICS and all members of the teaching Staff, where winning teams were awarded a Golden and silver medals along with financial rewards and an appreciation certificates for the performance.

The Games that won the First place were:

“Finding Hanafy” by the students: Karim Salah, Amr Morsi, Shahab El-Deen Ayman, and Abdulrahman Zakaria.“Black Valentine” by the students: Ahmed Sabbagh, Yousef Al-Nimr, Abdulrahman Sedki and Abdel Rahman Jamal.

The games that won the Second place were:“Tymo” by the students Michael Ranif, Mohamed Harfosh, and Moaz Ayman.

“The Dawn of misery” by the students: Engi Samir, Wafaa Emad, and Yehya El-sawy.


The Annual Cairo International Petroleum Conference at the British University in Egypt – (CAPIC) in Egypt.

The British University in Egypt hosted the Second Annual Cairo International Petroleum Conference, on March 2018, under the Supervision of Mr Mohamed Farid Khamis, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and Professor Ahmed Hamad, the University President.

The conference was organised by (SPE-BUE): Ayman Mamdouh, President of SPE, Ibrahim Essam, vice-President of SPE, Meena Hanna, General Coordinator of the Conference and Ahmed Sayed, Secretary General of SPE, in cooperation with the Marketing, PR and Student Activities Departments.

This was considered the largest Student Conference combining academic work and its application through workshops by major Egyptian and International Oil Companies, with the aim of enhancing the experience and knowledge of students and qualifying them to the market field. It aimed to create a better future for the oil, natural gas industry exploration& extraction in Egypt by discussing the developments the technology to be used.

Representatives from Al-Azhar, Suez Canal, Kazan, Russia, Rome, Italy and Beirut Universities attended and participated in the Conference. As well as, a large number of Engineers, Researchers and Scholars from local and international institutions, and students who are studying Petroleum engineering and geology in Egypt from different Universities.

Many important figures have attended the conference, H.E. Hany Dahy, the Egyptian Engineers Syndicate Chairman & Former Minister of Transport, Engineer Aabed Ezz El Regal, Chairman of Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation, Geologist Fekry Youssef, First Secretary of Petroleum Minister, Geologist Osama Farouk, Vice Chairman EGPC, and many important Engineers like Ahmed Mahmoud Ramadan Chairman Green Valley Services, Deputies from the Ministry of Petroleum, Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation and Gas Holding Companies.