We have the honour & the pleasure to announce that Ambassador Dr Mahmoud Karem has been awarded with the prestigious the Order of the Rising Sun Gold and Silver Star by the Emperor of Japan and the Japanese Government.

The conferment of the award was for his great contribution in strengthening the solidarity between Japan and Egypt.

On July 2, 2018, the BUE welcomed HE Ambassador Barney Riley, ambassador of New Zealand and Consul Ms Amanda Stark, where they held a meeting with Prof. Dr Ahmed Hamad, BUE President met with senior VP Dr Leslie Croxford and Ambassador Dr. Mahmoud Karem, Advisor for International Affairs and Director of the Centre for Egypt and ME Studies. During the meeting, they discussed the possibility of cooperation in the field of renewable energy between BUE and New Zealand Universities. The ambassador was glad to receive an invitation to give a lecture to BUE students at the outset of the new academic year and also expressed his admiration for the BUE and its academic programs.

The Global Hybrid Electric Challenge in Egypt (GHEC-E) is a hands-on educational program for institutions of higher learning in Egypt with engineering, science, technology and business management programs. Student teams apply engineering design principles and strategy to construct and race full-size electric and hybrid-electric cars. The primary goal of the competition is to provide a hands-on environment in which the students apply what they learn in the classroom to devise real-world solutions. The project also helps improve their understanding of renewable energy technologies and project management while working in a team environment. Other aspects of the program involve marketing, PR and fundraising as well as logistics planning in preparation for the races. The adoption of this program in Egypt serves as an excellent venue for young men and women in engineering and business management to better prepare themselves for their careers in industry.

Contributing teams in 2018
1) Abu Dhabi University.
2) Abu Dhabi Polytechnic.
3) South Valley University.
4) Tanta University.
5) Helwan University.
6) Mansoura University.
7) Zewail University.
8) BUE.

Positions earned by BUE in 2018:
1. 2nd Place Day 1. (Abu Dhabi Polytechnic 1st Place).
2. 2nd Place Day 2. (Abu Dhabi University 1st Place).
3. 2nd Place overall.
4. Best Presentation. (Only one prize earned by BUE)
5. Prize for Technical Innovation. (Only one prize earned by BUE)
6. Prize for Fastest Qualifying Team. (Only one prize earned by BUE)


For the second time the Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science hosts the Artificial Intelligence competition through its Logic and Artificial Intelligence Module taught in Second Year after Prep. 

For the second time the Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science hosts the Artificial Intelligence competition through its Logic and Artificial Intelligence Module taught in Second Year after Prep. 

This year one hundred students studying the module competed with each other to show their innovative skills at producing practical and industrial Artificial Intelligence applications.  The faculty held two rounds of competition, after the first round seven groups of total of fourteen students were qualified to compete in the semi-final. The finale was arranged and held during the visit of our British Partner, London South Bank University. The projects covered variety of areas in Artificial Intelligence such as; Genetic Solvers, Survival Agents in Video Games, Resource Scheduling using Genetic Algorithms, Multi-Agent Games, Intelligent Path Planning For Autonomous Cars, Controllers For Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Constraint Schedulers.

The competition was organized by the module leader Prof. Samy Ghoniemy and his Teaching Assistant Mohamed El Sayed, and it has honored the attendee of Prof. Ahmed Hamad, University President, and Prof. Omar Karam, Dean of the Informatics & Computer Science faculty.

The projects were evaluated by the faculty’s teaching team and the British Partner representatives. 

The first place is granted to Kareem Salah, Abdelrahman Ahmad while the second is granted to Amr Morsy and Youssef El Nemr

A delegation from Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU), China, visited the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at the British University in Egypt (BUE). The delegation consisted of Prof. Ni Haidong, the BLCU President, Prof. Luo Lin, Dean of Faculty of Middle East Research, Prof. Dong Chuan, Vice Manager of International Relationships Office, Dr. Zhou Xin, Manager of overseas students, Dr. Song Bo, Teaching Counsellor of Chinese Embassy in Egypt, Prof. Hassan Ragab, Dean of the Faculty of Alsun at Suez Canal University, and Dr. Zhu Tingting, Director of Confucius Institute at Suez Canal University.

The Delegation met with the BUE President Prof. Ahmed Hamad, H.E. Ambassador Mahmoud Karem, Special Advisor for the University for Foreign Relations, Prof. Yehia Bahei El Din, Vice President for Research and Post-graduate Studies, Prof. Shadia Fahim, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Dr. Mohamed Eid, the Director of the International Office, and the Faculty Deans.
Prof. Ahmed Hamad welcomed the delegation on behalf of the BUE and on behalf of Mr Farid Khamis, the Chair of the Board of Trustees. He highlighted the exceptional relations between China and Egypt and expressed BUE’s interest in international academic collaboration with BLCU in the areas of culture and languages based on the MOU signed with BLCU and on the fact that the Faculty of Arts and Humanities is on the threshold of inaugurating its Chinese Language Department.

During the visit, Prof. Hamad proposed a tripartite cooperation model between the BUE, China and Africa, where the BUE can serve as the gateway to Africa for future cooperation based on the One Belt One Road initiative (Silk Road Economic Belt). The BUE is the ideal partner for such an initiative as it is the first private institution to establish a Centre for Africa Studies on its campus and one of the first few academic institutions that takes the initiative for collaboration with African countries.

President of BLCU, Prof. Ni Haidong expressed a genuine delight in this visit not only because he has had the opportunity to visit the BUE which he considers one of the most outstanding private academic institutions in Egypt and the MENA region, but also because this was his first visit to Egypt.

Dr. Song Bo, the Teaching Counsellor of Chinese Embassy in Egypt, also conveyed his delight in the impression BUE has left on him and promised that the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Egypt will provide its full support to ensure that BLCU and the BUE enjoy fruitful cooperation for the benefit of the two nations China and Egypt.

The delegation’s visit concluded with a tour of the BUE campus and a meeting with the academic staff of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Before leaving the BUE, the delegation members expressed their appreciation of the overall impressive visit.


Sherif Abbas a success Journey

The British University in Egypt has achieved another success through its graduate Sherif Abbas who earned his M.A in Management from Harvard University.

Sherif is a business analyst at Best Buy Canada. Working in the consumer electronics industry, he utilizes his analytical skills to assist the Vice President of Merchandising in improving company sales performance. In 2015, Sherif graduated top of his class in with a BSc. in Business Studies specializing in Finance, from The British University in Egypt. His dissertation, Anchors of Economic Growth: The Determinants of FDI Flows to MENA Region was published by the German publishing company Scholar’s Press. Upon completion of his undergraduate degree, he pursued his CFA level 1. Named, “The Mount Everest of the Finance Industry”, the CFA was extremely difficult, but Sherif passed on his first attempt.

The foundation laid by The British University in Egypt and its staff helped guide his success. Next, Sherif Abbas began studying at Harvard University in pursuit of his master’s degree. Studying in the prestigious University, Sherif gained valuable insight in marketing and strategic management.
The most valuable lesson Sherif learned from Harvard was not out of a book but rather was a skill. The skill of hard work. He found that students at Harvard are the epitome of hard work. They spend countless nights studying as they strive to achieve their goals. In May 2018, Sherif graduated with his M.A. in Management.

Success does not come to those who dream small, it comes to those that strive for higher goals and put in the effort needed to reach them. The British University in Egypt paved the way for Sherif’s academic success. It provided Sherif with the knowledge needed to flourish on his academic Journey.
“As I embark on new challenges every day, the BUE will always hold a special place in my heart. It’s where the journey all began. So, till we meet again I hope that you, Seek the knowledge today, which will guide you’re thinking tomorrow.
Good luck fellow BUE-Ians, always dream bigger!”

Under the patronage of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr Farid Khamis, the Faculty of Engineering at The British University in Egypt has participated for the fifth time in the annual international robotics competition RoboGames in San Francisco in April 2018. RoboGames is the Olympics of Robots and is the World’s Largest Robot Competition according to the Guinness Book of Records and is organized by the Robotics Society of America. The participation has been made possible with the financial support provided by the BUE through the kind approval of the President Prof Ahmed Hamad and the continuous support and encouragement of the Dean Prof Maguid Hassan.

The British University in Egypt has set the field of robotics as one of its strategic interests. This interest stems from the importance of robotics in the development of cognitive and scientific skills of engineering students. The university actively encourages students to participate in international robotics competitions as part of their extracurricular activities. This approach integrates well with the integrative practical-based learning ethos adopted by the BUE within the strategic partnership with our UK university partners.
The team representing the Faculty of Engineering at the BUE was led by Assoc Prof Ayman Abbas of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and was formed from the following students in alphabetical order:

• Hazem Gamal Fawzy Elbana Year 3 Mech Engineering
• Husain Khuzaima Ashik Tapya Year 3 Mech Engineering
• Mohamed Ali Mahmoud Yassin Year 3 Elec Engineering
• Mohamed Magdy Ismaiel Year 3 Elec Engineering

The BUE team this year has managed to obtain a record number of medals totalling five medals, 2 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze. The team won a gold medal in both the “Lego Soccer” event and in the “ArtBot Painting” event. The silver medals were attained in the prestigious “Open Best of Show” event for a robot which automatically waters and fertilises plant soil and in the Spider “Walker Challenge” designed to autonomously walk over an obstacle filled 3 meter course. The bronze medal was won for third place in the “Speeder” event in which a solar powered robot is designed to race a certain distance without external power or storage. Additionally, the BUE were placed 4th in both the “Ribbon Climber” event and the “Self-Balancer” event.

The British University in Egypt and the Faculty of Communication and Mass Media recently discussed the graduation projects from the departments of cinema, radio, television, communications, marketing and public relations , as the students' projects ranged from realistic, fictional and documentaries dealing with important social issues, among these films were  "مطلوب هوية", "قاصرات للطلب ", ""أطفال بلا مأوى "القاهرة باريس” و The Judges of the graduation projects included a number of stars, among them was the Super Star Elham Shaheen, the director Samir Saif, the director Tamer Mohsen, Dr Ghada Gabara and Dr Nagla Al Emari. Professor. Mohammed Shouman, Dean of the faculty of Communication and Mass Media, stated that all the tools used in graduation projects were provided to students by the faculty itself, and also he pointed out that the Faculty will honour the winners of the top 3 projects in addition to participating in international festivals and competitions.


The British University in Egypt has achieved another success by the Student Mohamed Omran, who is in his fourth year in the Faculty of Petroleum Engineering and Gas Technology whom his paper achieved the third rank in the international student paper context of SPWLA 2018 In London UK.

The Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts (SPWLA) is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to the advancement of the science of Petrophysics and formation evaluation. SPWLA plays a major role in strengthening petrophysical education and strives to increase the awareness of the role petrophysics has in the Oil and Gas Industry and the scientific community.

Mohamed is considered the First Egyptian to participate in such an international competition and achieve this ranking, by his research paper which was titled by: 'Analyzing of Formation Evaluation of Unconventional Upper Safa Formation, Western Desert, Egypt” and it was supervised by Prof. Attia Attia Head of Petroleum Engineering and Gas technology Department and Doctor Tharwat Hassene from Petroleum engineering & gas technology department at the BUE.


BUE Ramadan Suhoor 2018

On the 21st of May 2018
Mr Mohamed Farid Khamis the Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the BUE, Professor Ahmed Hamad the BUE President has held a Ramadan Suhoor which was attended by H.E Khaled Abd El Ghafar the Minister of Higher Education in Egypt, Deans of the Faculties, many staff members and the Student Union.

The Event took place in Sonesta Hotel as the BUE has taken the opportunity to celebrate Ramadan and strengthen the current relationship between the invitees.

Commenting on the event the BUE President said that he was delighted by this social gathering to praise the favoured month of Ramadan together and trust that the BUE would proceed to develop and succeed with its employees and students.


Going Global 2018

The BUE participated in Going Global 2018 from 2-4 May 2018. The BUE Research Team (Prof Shadia Fahim, Dr Mohamad Saad and Dr Rania M Rafik Khalil) shared the findings of their research “Perceptions of Syrian Refugees on Higher Education” on the 3 May 2018 in the session titled Refugees in tertiary education: global challenge, local responses from 9:30-10:45 am. Dr Mohamad Saad was the speaker at the conference on behalf of the BUE and the research team.
The research is funded by the British Council, UK and the UNHCR with a total of $52,052 as external research funding. The session was chaired by Gail Campbell, Director of Education – MENA, British Council, Egypt. The research has been ongoing for 8 months, two stages have been completed and is currently still in progress.
Listen to the full session on the audio-podcast: 

Visit the Going Global 2018 website for more details: 

The Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science at the British University in Egypt welcomed Scientists, Researchers, Professors and Doctoral students through over 16 countries to share Knowledge Engineering and the latest in Computer Science and Networking research.

The 7th International Conference on Software and Information Engineering (www.icsie.org) and the 1st International Conference on Network Technology (www.icnt.org) were held at the BUE from May 2nd to 4th 2018. Extensive programs of interest to Academia, Government and Industry were offered, discussed through several distinguished keynote speakers. The Conferences were chaired by Professor Samir Abou El-Seoud, Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science and the Honorary Chair of the conferences was Professor Ahmed Hamad, BUE President.

Prof. Omar Karam, Dean of the Faculty and member of the Advisory Committee said that 45 papers were presented and will be published in the conferences’ proceedings, which will be submitted to Ei Compendex, Scopus Index, etc.

International Speakers were Prof. Magne Jørgensen from the Simula Research Laboratory in Norway. Prof. Hesham H. Ali, The Dean of College of Information Science & Technology, University of Nebraska Omaha, USA and Prof. Christopher Nwosisi, The College of Westchester and Pace University New York, USA.