Degrees offered
- Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) in Renewable Energy Engineering
- Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Renewable Energy Engineering
- Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) in Advanced Materials Science and Engineering
- Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Advanced Materials Science and Engineering

Degree requirements
- Students are required to complete 15 credit hours at the foundation courses (500 level) before continuing with the master's programme according to the academic programme of their B.SC. degree.
- Students who successfully completed the requirements for 500 level courses are required to complete 36 credit hours in courses at the 600 level as follows:

Degree Credit Hours
Core Courses Elective Courses Thesis/Project
M.Sc. 9 9 18
M.Eng 9 21 6
- A grade point average of 2.70 (equivalent to 70%) is required for graduation.

- Renewable Energy:
500 level
600 level

- Advanced Materials Science and Engineering:
500 level
600 level


- Maximum credit hours/semester:

  • S1(Spring) and S2(Fall): 15 hrs
  • Summer: 6 hrs

- Registration for a minimum of 4 semesters excluding summer is required for graduation.
- Degree requirements must be completed in no more than 8 semesters excluding summer.
- Drop/add within 2 weeks of beginning of teaching
- Withdrawal from courses within 8 weeks in S1/S2; within 4 weeks in summer. Fees are non-refundable
- Attendance of 75% of classes is required.
- Courses completed elsewhere at universities accredited by Egypt's Supreme Council of Universities can be transferred at a maximum of 6 credit hours.
- Passing grade for courses is C(60%).
- GPA to graduate is 2.70 (B-) Grades

Grade Points Percentage

A              4.00                    90 or above
A-             3.70                    85 to <90
B+            3.30                    80 to <85
B              3.00                    75 to <80
B-             2.70                    70 to <75
C+            2.30                    65 to <70
C              2.00                    60 to <65
D              1.00                    50 to <60
F              0.00                       <50


1. Registration in Engineering M.Sc. or M. Eng. programmes requires B.Sc. from a university accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities or Postgraduate diploma Engineering.
2. Overall grade:
                       M.Sc.: Grade of "C" (Good) or Post Graduate Diploma from Faculty of Engineering if the Graduate grade is lower than "C".
                       M.Eng.: Grade of "D" (Pass).
3. Provide TOEFL of 550 or IELTS of 5.5 before the end of the first year of the programme.
4. Certificate of military service completion or exemption for a minimum of 2 years.
5. Payment of fees.
6. Visa valid for 2 years, for non-Egyptians.

1. BSc. certificate (Original) or Postgraduate diploma certificate (Original).
2. Accreditation from the Supreme Council of Universities for Graduates of Academies and Higher Institutes offering BSc. degrees. (N/A for Universities' Graduates)
3. Transcript (Original).
4. Birth certificate (Original).
5. National ID (Copy). (for Egyptians)
6. 4 Personal photos.
7. Certificate of military service. (N/A for females and non-Egyptians)

For non-Egyptians:

8. Passport(Copy).
9. Visa valid for 2 years.

For Further confirmation please contact Office of Postgraduate Studies:

Mobile: 01028107688





Fees and Tuition

  • Application: 500 EGP
  • One Credit Hour: 900 EGP

Financial Aid
BUE will offer 50% discount on tuition and fees for two applicants among BUE employees in each master's programme.