Mohamed Farid Fouad Khamis  

Mr. Mohamed Farid Fouad Khamis


  • Education History:

    B.Com. from Ein Shams University, Egypt.
    Post-Graduate Diploma in Textiles.
    Ph.D. Degree, Loughborough Univerisity, UK. Certified Accountant.

  • Bio:

    Major Owner and Founder of The Orientals Group, established in 1978, with modern state of the art carpet factories – Orientals Weavers, MAC Carpets and EFCO. These companies integrated vertically forming a major textile industrial system under the name of The Orientals Group which now recognized as the Trend Setters and Technology Developers. The Group consists of different companies engaged in following industries as:
    - Carpet Industry: The largest producer of the Machine made Carpets Worldwide with factories in Egypt, USA and China; The companies are “Oriental Weavers, MAC Carpets, EFCO & Sphinx”.
    - Fiber Producers & Spinners.
    - Petrochemical Industry. (Propylene & Polypropylene).
    - Carpet & Rugs Trading: Own distribution centers in USA, UK, Germany, Dubai and Egypt.
    - Agriculture: Major Citrus producer in Egypt (with 15000 acres of land).
    - Real Estate Development: Oriental Urban Development, Egypt.
    - Education: The British University in Egypt & El Shorouk Academy of Higher education.
    · Number of Employees: 21000
    · Turn Over Year 2012: USD. 3.6 Billion.
    - Former Head of the Industry, Power & Transportation committee at the Shoura Council (The Senate) for 15 years.
    - The Founder and Former President of 10th of Ramadan Industry Associations.
    - Former Chairman of the Federation of Egyptian Industry for 6 years.
    - Presently Chairman of the Egyptian Federation of Investors Associations (42 Associations with 4100 factories and companies members).
    - President of International Chamber of Commerce, Egypt. (ICC - Egypt).
    - Founder of the following Non-Profit Organizations:-
    · M.F.Khamis for Society Development, concentrating on Excellency in Education and Scientific Researches; by adopting top 200 students from different Universities and Schools across Egypt and supporting them upto Ph.D plus encouraging and developing Scientific Researches.
    · Al-Azhar Khamis Advanced Schools for Boys & Girls (Sharkia, Egypt).
    · Khamis Healthcare Institution (Hospital & Medical Treatment Centres, Sharkia, Egypt).
    · Khamis Limited Income Support Foundation.