Hassan Abd El Aziz Ammar  

Mr. Hassan Abd El Aziz Ammar

University General Secratery


  • Email: hassan.ammar@bue.edu.eg
  • Building: E
  • Employee type: Full-time
  • Extension Number: 1381
  • Room: 108
  • Education History:

    Institution: Helwan university

    Completion Date: 1975

    Degree, Major: Bachelor's degree, Faculty of Social service.

    Grade: Very Good

    Institution: Ain shams university

    Completion Date: 1995

    Degree, Major: Bachelor's degree , Faculty of Law

    Grade: Fair

  • Bio:

    Hassan Abd El Aziz Ammar is the Secretary General of the British university in Egypt having joined the University in 2014.

    Prior to joining the University, He was hired at Ain shams university as a student superintendent in the general administration of student cities on 9/10/1978
    Promoted to second specialist (social services) on 22/11/1988, He worked as a Manager of "The Guest House" Ain shams university from 11/3/1992 till 29/12/2003.

    He was Hired as a "General Manager of Faculty of Commerce" Ain shams university from 29/12/2003 until 29/12/2005.

    He was Hired as " Secretary General Assistant for postgraduate and researches affairs"Ain shams university from 29/12/2005 until 17/7/2006 .

    He was Hired as " Secretary General Assistant for education and students affairs" Ain shams university from 17/7/2006 until 26/12/2007 .

    Promoted to "Secretary General of Ain Shams university" from 27/12/2007 until 28/4/2013.

    • From 29/11/2006 worked as "The Head of the Disciplinary council" Ain Shams university where 768 cases were displayed upon the council and discussed with the judge protempore from the council of state and release the primary and the appeal judgments .
    • From 1/11/2006 worked as "Executive Director of the colleague box of staff members and administrators " Ain Shams University .
    • From 3/12/2006 worked as " Executive Director of the Zakat box "Ain Shams University .

    • Revising all the legal contracts , tenders , auctions and practices upon working as Manager of Guest House Ain Shams University from 1/1/1996 .
    • While working as General Manager of Faculty of Commerce Ain Shams University revising and supervising all the legal affairs which is represented in the tenders , practices , auctions and legal contracts between the Faculty of Commerce and all the external corporate .
    • Upon working as "Secretary General Assistant and Secretary General of Ain Shams University" revising all the legal affairs reported by the general administration of legal affairs in all the tenders , practices , auctions and legal contracts between Ain Shams University and all external corporate.
    • Working as Head member of Human Resources committee
    • Participating and supervising the preparation of the annual investment plans for Ain Shams University's projects (Educational , University Hospitals ) also The five annuals strategic plans between Ain Shams University and both Ministry of High Education and Ministry of governmental planning to be discussed in the people's council of Egypt .
    • Supervising on preparation of Ain Shams University's Ending Balance from 2007/2008 till 2011/2012 and also the preparation of the monthly and quarter year reports to be introduced to the Ministry of Finance .
    • Supervising the preparation of the recruitment reports of the staff members and the administrators at Ain Shams University who are more than fifteen thousand administrators and twelve thousand staff members .
    • Supervising on the General admisteration of Engineering Ain Shams university and all the projects carried out by the administration .
    • Supervising on the General adminstration of purchasing Ain Shams University to obey all the needs of the university's different departments , administrations and faculties through its sessions (General practices , auctions and tenders) .
    • Supervising upon hiring head of departments and administration managers in Ain Shams university according to each job description .
    • Supervising and opening of all the training courses of Ain Shams university according to plan of the central financial agency of Egypt.
    • Working as the Head of the committee responsible for general regrading of the university's regulative framework .