Through excellence of Library service to underpin the University vision to become the leading broad spectrum teaching and research university in the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) offering a British ethos of higher education with a range of UK partners and other global partners providing internationally recognized quality degrees that develop the knowledge and skills to help our students shape and lead their countries.


To provide the best possible Library and Information Services which will underpin the British University in Egypt's teaching, learning and research and in so doing provide opportunities, experience, equality of choice and access within the resources available using the most effective media for the acquisition, organisation and dissemination of information; offering training and guidance; together with providing the conducive physical resources that will enable students and staff of the University to derive the greatest benefit from its hybrid collections of print and e-resources. To be consistent with, and meet, as far as possible, the norms of Library and Information provision in UK Higher Education and so provide a unique selling point for the University as it further establishes itself as one of the Egypt's premier academic institutions.

The Library in the period 2014-2017 will achieve the mission through the Library Strategic Plan, and Library Operational Plan as follows:

  • strengthening further the quality of the Collection (regardless of format)
  • enhancing and ensuring the availability and accessibility of the collection and other information resources and services in a seamless and integrated manner
  • ensuring high quality staff support for the benefit of the University community
  • ensuring delivery of service through appropriate structure and mechanisms and which inform the validation process
  • delivering enhanced services and creating a conducive environment for the University community and where appropriate the community beyond